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Triathletes of the Year

Since 2009 Sonic Sports Association have awarded the Triathlete of the Year trophy to recognized the members of Sonic who have particular success in events, made an outstanding achievement in triathlon and made significant contribution to Sonic Sports Association along the year.

We apply the following criteria when deciding the awards:
1. Attendance to club training and activities
2. Participation and achievement in local and oversea races
3. Contribution to the club
4. Sportsmanship and Ethics

Please direct all nominations and comments to the Chairman and Club Secretary

Roll of Honors

Triathlete of the Year: Sacha Cheong
Improvement Award: none

Triathlete of the Year: Sacha Cheong, Michael Lam, Gigi Wong
Improvement Award: none

Triathlete of the Year: Andrew Patrick, Gigi Wong
Andy and Gigi
TriA series: Michael Lam, Kelly Law
Best Improvement: Frederic Beaujean, Simon Jones, Evangeline Quek, Adelyn Cheong

Triathlete of the Year: Kent Wong, Michal Bucek, Eric Chan, Janice Lee, Susana Campuzano
Eric Chan

Best Improvement: Chris Wong, T Wong

Triathlete of the Year: Jacky Mak, Susana Campuzano
TriA series: Kent Wong, Stephanie Bina