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2008 OSIM HK Triathlon by Su-Mei Teh

by sumeiteh on Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:03 am
Hi all!

Congrats to all finishers and better luck next time to those who could not finish for one reason or the other!

I agree with Gigi and everyone else -- it was great to see the familiar Sonic contingent throughout the race and especially during the run: having them cheer me on, giving me the thumbs-up sign, etc. There was one point I was hi-fiving 5-6 people in a row (I wondered if the runners behind me thought I was just there to socialize... :D) Definitely enjoyed myself for my first ever triathlon and OD! (Hmmm....maybe I didn't try hard enough! :wink:)

I also want to thank Kenneth for being a great, committed coach (sorry you had to put up with my whining sometimes!) Sonic's brutal training regime was great preparation...Also, a special thanks to all those in the Sonic fraternity/sorority (yes this includes the ladies!) for being so much help with everything from providing supplies (Kent), to dispensing training tips and tricks, to getting lifts to training -- you know who you are. :) Oh yes and not forgetting those who were just there yesterday to support us and take our pictures (eventhough I wasn't looking particularly glamorous :mg:) You guys/gals rock!

Although I suspect yesterday's race left my left ankle slightly sprained (putting Nike 10k this weekend in jeopardy), it was totally worthwhile.....Looking forward to taking part in the next race with you lot again soon!

(I just realized that sounded like some sort of awards acceptance speech...!)

Su Mei
PS: James, reading your race report, I feel like my race was a an uneventful bore!