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Door County 70.3 Triathlon 2008 by Stephanie Bina


by sbina on Fri Jul 25, 2008 1:50 pm

Hi Everyone!!
How are you?? I here it is very hot in HK now. I will be back on the 30th and will see you all at training! 

Here is my Race Report from last weekend! This was my second half iron distance triathlon. I didn't have any goal times but my main goal was to race smarter for this distance compared to my first time doing it in Hainan. I hoped to be efficient in the water, have faster transitions, have a more even pace/tempo on the bike, and I didn't really have a run goal I think, just to run.

Door County Half Iron 70.3 Triathlon

July 19th
10am, drive 6 hours (with college friend) to Door County, Wisconsin (by Lake Michigan/Green Bay)
5pm, pick up race packet, 10 minute bike, 5 minute run

July 20th
Pre-race: The weather is nice, cloudy, a little humid, warm. Get timing chip, body marked, and set up transition. I thought of all my Sonic teammates and wished you could be there! I did a short warm-up on the bike and run and prepared my mind for the long haul! I got my transition all set, then I grabbed my wetsuit, goggles, and swim cap and headed to the water. After getting my wetsuit on, I stepped in the water and couldn't believe how cold it was!  It was ice water! They announced that the water was 62 degrees F (17 degrees Celsius!!!) I did a lot of warm up just to get used to the cold temperature so it wouldn't be such a shock when I started. My feet and face were cold and it kind of just takes your breath away it's so cold. But I got used to it and was mentally prepared.

Swim 00:38:32
I had a good swim start. It was shallow for a long time. The swim course was straight, then right for a long ways, then left. I guess like a counter-clockwise rectangle and starting in the middle, if that makes any sense! The swim was in Green Bay (very large!!!) Surprisingly, I slightly started to panic about the depth of water and thinking how long I have to swim, but I just told myself to keep breathing so my HR wouldn't go up and telling myself that I can do it. The rest of the swim went fine.

T1 00:01:38
One of the great things about this race is that they have people helping everyone get their wetsuits off! So the moment I got out of the water, I reached for the velcro on the back of my wetsuit, and some guy told me to keep running while he unzipped it. Then I took my arms out, then as I reached the other volunteers, I sat down and two different people quickly pulled the rest of my wetsuit within seconds! Then I ran into the transition!

Bike 02:46:44
It was great to see a lot of local people at along the road, sipping their morning coffee and cheering for the triathletes!  I feel like I reached my goal of keeping a more even pace! Here's what I can remember from the bike...great cheering with cowbells from locals and race volunteers, course miles were well-marked, turns were well-directed, used a lot of positive reinforcement in my mind, like, "you can do it" or "you're doing great" I would tell myself this when my legs felt tired. The turn around point couldn't come fast enough! During the hills (tough!) I thought of different people from Sonic to inspire me as I climbed the hill!  The first hill I thought of Ivan because he is really strong (and fast!) at climbing! Then the next hill I thought of Rockson because he is strong at climbing and he never gives up and always encouraging too! The next hill I thought of the girls - Gigi, Lyn, and Elsie!! You are all so determined and I knew I couldn't give up now!  The next hill I thought of Charles and his saying "pain is your friend." Well, in that case, I must be in good company!  Then the other times I would feel tired I just made little goals like "make it to that tree up there!" I even successfully grabbed a Gatorade Endurance bottle on a handoff! Again, great race volunteers!  The bike was long and painful but as I neared the last few miles I was quite pleased with what was looking like an improved time by 15 minutes from my bike in Hainan!

T2 00:01:56
Put on some sunscreen and was out like a flash!  I even saw my friend Renee, who had already completed the sprint distance triathlon that morning as I ran out of transition!

Run 01:50:09
I got into a good pace and passed two women within the first mile and by the first water station, someone said I was the 4th female.  That was nice to know, but I also knew there was still a lot of running left. In the run, I just focused on the person in front of me until I passed him and then I focused on the next person, just to keep me thinking, and going, forward. I have never used that strategy before and it seemed to work well! As I was running by one guy, he said, "This heat is something else! Isn't it?" ...HEAT?! What heat! I was thinking it was a pleasant, comfortable day - perfect for running! I suppose heat is relative, so if it was hot, I didn't notice. I didn't say anything, just nodded and kept running. I passed another girl around mile 4 and at the water stations the race volunteers were clapping and encouraging, saying "you're the 3rd female" At the turning point, I remember one volunteer earnestly told me, "Congratulations, you're the 3rd woman" and he gave me a high five. Mile 6-9 went well, then I had to run up a VERY steep hill, actually a bluff, which is kind of like a cliff. This is at mile 10, so I managed to walk up it and start running again at the top. The people at the top were cheering and said the 2nd place girl wasn't too far ahead, although, the road was straight and I couldn't see a single person ahead! But then after running another 1/2 mile, I could see a girl ahead and she was walking. By the 11.5 mile water station (13.1 miles total) we reached it at the same time. I walked through the water station (I walked through all of them) and gulped some Gatorade and poured water over my head (it was warm, but no where near the temps in Hainan.) I ran, she walked, so now I was ahead of her. I just kept running knowing with each step the finish line was closer, but not close enough!!!  I just concentrated on my own running regardless of where I was in terms of others. Around mile 12.5 the same lady I passed in the first mile passed me as she was having a conversation with another guy.  She didn't even look tired!!  I just kept running knowing I was very near to the finish and trying not to think how tired and heavy my legs felt. As the saying goes, what goes up, must come down, so at the very end of the run course is a steep hill going down. For the first time in the run, I looked behind me. No one in sight. I ran down the hill and into the crowd at the finish area. I crossed the finish line relieved to be done and happy to complete another 70.3.

When I saw the results I was surprised by my run time because my fastest 1/2 marathon alone is 1:44. Then when I saw my finish time I was shocked! 5:19:01, which is 24 minutes faster than Hainan!

Overall Time: 5:19:01
Age Group Place: 2nd out of 18
Overall Female: 3rd out of 100

Results Page: http://www.doorcountytriathlon.com/results/index.php