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Minnesota LifeTimeFitness Triathlon 2008 by Stephanie Bina

Hi Sonic Friends!

It seems like Minnesota is the place to be in terms of race weather conditions!! Yesterday was a perfect day for the triathlon that I did. 

Here is my race report!

4:20am Finally get out of bed to get ready
4:45 drive 20 minutes to the race site
5:00am sun already coming up! A perfect day! Temperature around 21-22 degrees, blue skies, no wind
5:15 body marked, set up transition, warm up bike, warm up run
6:30 am Transition closes
7:00 Professionals start and a bunch of other waves. This is a big race. 3,000+ people. I did a short swim warm up, but then had to wait around for over an hour until I actually started. 
8:15 My wave FINALLY goes. This race isn't a group start, but each person goes every 3 seconds.

Swim 0:27:29
Good start, but my legs feel kind of tired from standing for an hour. Wore wetsuit, but water was warm, 76 degrees F.

T1 2:04
Got wetsuit off well. Good transition.

Bike 1:13:36
I know the course well. This is my 4th time doing this race. Plus, I ride this area sometimes since it's local. A good ride, mostly flat, lots of sharp turns (I can think of the course, and counted 13 turns). I dropped my water bottle with a sports drink about 3/4 the way into the course. That has never happened before! Luckily, it was near the end so I didn't need it much anymore!

T2 ??
The time chip evidently didn't pick up my transition time for some reason. So I don't know what my time is. I had a fast transition, so I think it was around 1:00-1:10 based on the other top finishers in my age group. But that said, my total time is accurate, so that means my transition time was included either in my bike time or my run time. I don't know which. It would make me much happier if I knew that my bike or run was a minute faster than the time given!!

Run 0:46:22
Two laps around the lake. Kept a good pace, (maybe my time was 45:10, if you take away the transition time, but I don't know. I would be very happy with that time if I knew!) Some of my family members were there to cheer me on, 7 people total. By the second lap, I was on target to reach my goal of sub 2:30 finish time. As I was nearing the end, my watch said 2:28. At 2:29, I started sprinting! With a sprint to the finish line I finished before 2:30! I was glad to reach my goal. But I knew I was 2nd place because I saw a girl in my age group pass me on the run. She was running fast! I can tell she is in my age group because in USAT races they put the age on the back of your calf/leg. which I like, because then when other people pass me I can tell if they are in my age group and if they aren't I don't mind that they pass me!  Or maybe if I didn't know, then I would go faster! 

Finish Time: 2:29:33
Place Age Group 25-29: 2nd out of 90
Place Overall Female: 10th out of 344

Here's the results page http://www.peaktiming.com/2008LTF/categoryresults.asp?EventId=2&DivId=4&CatId=17

Can you believe I'm doing a half-iron distance NEXT Sunday!  Although, maybe I like this distance better because then I don't have to go so fast! Just long, at a more comfortable pace, which I like better. After that it will be two weeks of rest!!