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Rochesterfest Triathlon 2008 by Stephanie Bina

by sbina on Mon Jun 30, 2008 12:15 pm

Hi from Minnesota Everyone!!

On Sunday, June 29th, I did an Olympic distance triathlon called "1st Annual Rochesterfest Triathlon." It was a great race, very strong wind on the bike, and an unusual run course! Here is my race report!

4:30 am: Leave to drive south 1.5 hours to Rochester, MN (home of the Mayo Clinic), temperature is 16 degrees and light rain

6am: arrive,light rain, but then it stops, very windy; pump up race wheels, check brakes, pick up race pack (I'm used to saying my race number in Cantonese! Everyone is speaking English!), set up transition, warm up on the bike, warm up running

7:30: get wetsuit on, go down to the water. The water temperature was warmer than the air temperature so that was nice! This was the first triathlon hosted in this city and they had a full turnout plus LOTS OF SPECTATORS AND FAMILY SUPPORT!  I saw grandparents with their lawn chairs going down to the swim start to watch.

8:00 Race briefing. The race director announced that 20% of entries were first-timers!

8:15 Swim start, the venue was great for spectating! A large beach, with grassy hills on both sides. The clouds cleared just as the race started and the sun shone brightly!  It still was windy and I was shivering in my wetsuit! (Quite the opposite from Hainan!)

Swim: The waves were mixed male/female and different age groups too. The swim was in a very small lake, but the water was clean and warm! The bright orange buoys were easy to sight. The swim was two laps, with a run on the sand in between the laps. They had those "noodles" that you use in pools along the swim course in a long line connecting each buoy so anyone could take a rest anywhere along the course. A very first-timer-friendly swim course. I thought of you, Elsie! I'm sure first-timers appreciate that "safety net" made by the noodle line!
Lap 1 11:38
Lap 2 12:30 (includes the run on the sand)
Total: 24:08 I was happy with this time! Thanks Kenneth and Twinsen for all your swim coaching and training throughout the year! 

T1: It took a while to get my wetsuit unzipped as I ran up the hill from the water. Then after I got it off in the transition, I grabbed my bike before putting on my helmet and my helmet fell under the bike next to mine. I wasn't thinking! So I picked up my helmet, put it on then exited the transition.
T1: 2:06

Bike: As I was leaving the transition, I heard someone say, "You got a strong head wind out there this morning." It was SO WINDY! I couldn't even stay in my aero bars for very much of the time because it felt unstable with the strong wind! Course was well marked with arrows, volunteers and police were at every intersection and showing where to turn. It was a strong head wind for the first half. The course was out and back, one loop.
Bike: 1:17:36 Not bad considering the wind and my lack of training in the past weeks!!

T2: Much better than T1! Focused and fast.
T2: 0:37

Run: This felt tough! I have not done much brick training recently! But I had my new Mizuno race shoes on so I was determined to go as fast as I could. The course was unusual because it kind of had a cross-country running feel to it - sidewalks, dirt paths, grass, short steep hills, many sharp turns, and some gravel (small loose rock) areas. The temperature was perfect for running. After I crossed the finish, another athlete said it was like an obstacle course! I agreed!
Run: 47:13

Finish Time: 2:31:36 

By now it warmed up to 24 degrees and was nice and sunny! The finish area had a great lunch provided and awards were given out later. I got 1st in my age group and was 8/60 for women (includes elite wave). They gave a pair of Newton running shoes to the fastest age group male/female run split. The fastest female run split was 43 minutes and the fastest male time was 33 minutes! Whoah! That's fast!

Here's a great results page! http://onlineraceresults.com/event/view_event.php?event_id=2713

Happy Training and Racing!