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Simon Jones

1. Why triathlons? Two reasons. 1. When I lived in the UK, I used to run, but never thought about triathlons as I always felt the training in the miserable UK weather would be painful. By contrast, training and competing in Hong Kong is great! I love swimming around HK, as the water temperature is similar to a luke warm bath. 2. When I moved from Singapore in 2010, I wished to continue boxing. Boxing in HK however is super expensive, so I needed to take up a new sport, and one which is also not typically associated with Brain trauma.
2. What make you to Sonic? Your end of year party looked more fun than the other clubs and the fact that the team trains during the week. Kenneth also looked like he belonged in a Canto- Pop Boy band, which sealed my decision
3. What are your triathlon goals? To get onto the podium during a Sprint Triathlon by the end of 2011, and improve my swimming efficiency.
4. Favourite training spot in HK? Shek O to Deepwater Bay by bike then a cheeky swim around the shark nets at Deepwater bay.
5. What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in a race? I am renowned for being sick during races (running as well as triathlon). For running, it used to be Booze related, but now with Triathlon, I seem to have an intolerance to rehydration drinks. My last race in Bintan was associated with 8 bouts of sickness over my left shoulder during the bike phase. The guy behind me loved it !
6. Any racing or training tips? Interval training is tough but essential.
7. What is your motto? Work Hard, Play Hard
8. who is your inspiration in life and why? My father. He worked immensely hard as a young man holding down numerous jobs to support the family and has always provided me with a reality check on what it means to be a real man.
9. other interests / sports besides triathlon? Running, DJ ing at home and cooking.

10. daytime job? Medical Director, China, India & Japan: Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals.
11. do you like partying? Yes. My fave parties are fancy dress. Last year I made a great PAC Man outfit from cardboard and yellow paper.
12. Favourite hang-out place in HK? Staunton’s on Staunton street. It’s a great place to sit on the steps and watch people moving up and down the Escalator.
13. Nationality? UK. I was born in Norfolk on the South East Coast of England.
14. Little-known fact about you? I used to hold a Saturday night residency (DJ) at the Screening Room (a cool rooftop bar in Anne Siang Hill, Singapore)
15  Describe yourself with one word or a phrase and explain. Mr Smile. I am renowned for my positivity and optimism
16. Are you on any social networking like Facebook, Twister, LinkedIn etc? Face Book (find me under the sonic face book page)