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Rita Kook

1. Why triathlons? It's fun. three diff sport tells you that you are still alive...all the daily stress during the day will become free after sweat!
2. What make you to Sonic? Newton introduce it to me since he knew that I love doing sport and I couldn't do wakeboarding anymore due to my back injury and yoga not enough exercise for me. I started off with running since I don't know how to swim and ride at the beginning.
3. What are your triathlon goals? 1. enjoy the programme & no injury 2. improve style and form of run, swim and cycling 3. faster than last time
4. Favourite training spot in HK? Wanchai pool, Happy Valley track and grass field, Tung Chung Cycling spot, Repulse Bay beach, Plove Clove cycling path.
5. What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in a race? being kicked by breast stroke and grabbed swim goggles
6. Any racing or training tips? Be prepared mentally and physically
7. What is your motto? Just do it

8. who is your inspiration in life and why? A friend who always gives questions for me to think and I am the one to realise and find out an answer. That's make me a wiser person.
9. other interests / sports besides triathlon? yoga, wakeboarding, tennis, squash
10. daytime job? securities company
11. do you like partying? so so
12. Favourite hang-out place in HK?  seriously, anywhere with a bunch of friends is a good place to hang out
13. Nationality? Chinese
14. Little-known fact about you?  simple mind and easy going and from time to time I need to mentally adjust my laziness 
15  Describe yourself with one word or a phrase and explain  Mama Rita
16. Are you on any social networking like Facebook, Twister, LinkedIn etc? yes Facebook and linkedin