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Rules Of The Road for Group Rides

Rules Of The Road for Group Rides (extracted from "How to organize a Triathlon Club" from USA Triathlon by  Dave Rainey)
  •  Arrive Early
  •  Determine Routes Before Starting Ride
  •  Introduce New Members
  •  Start Ride on Time
  •  Wear a Helmet
  •  Leave Headphones at Home
  •  Pass Only on the Left
  •  Announce Pass to Other Cyclists
  •  Take Some Money for Rest Stops
  •  Be Prepared for Mechanical Problems
  •  Ride Friendly and be Aware of Traffic Conditions
  •  Double File on Shouldered Roads
  •  Never Leave a Woman Alone on the Route
  •  Include New Members. Even if a Cyclist Has to Slow Their Pace to Help.
  •  Make Sure Everyone Completes the Ride Safely
  •  Have Fun!