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Ironman China 2009

Ironman China - What doesn't kill you make you stronger

I hat off to all the finisher of Ironman China, especially to those completed the full Ironman regardless of time. This is my first time to go to Ironman race event as a spectator, supporting my wife and my team. I myself even never done any Ironman or 70.3 races. From what I've seen, I learn a lot.
You need to forget about all the weather forecast, weather in Hainan is so dynamic, we had a lesson from last year, but we treated that was 'unusual'. This year, the day we arrived was quite nice, cloudy with some sea breeze, next day morning everything changed to thunderstorm, heavy rain, we saw thunder for a few times when we was on the site-visit bus! Most of us stayed on the bus but Gigi and Valter still went to try out the water temperature, under the thunderstorm. Those SIRCycling guys even rode to the swim course in the rain! Who know the next day morning would be sunny and hot like hell?!?! Maybe all people know, just didn't want it to be true.
You need to train and prepare all kind of conditions, hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Ironman races never postpone or cancel, regardless or condition, in the worst case they may cut it short or cancel some parts. We should enforce our training despite of any conditions, the rain shouldn't stop us, the wind shouldn't stop us, the heat also shouldn't stop us. In this Ironman China, due to the strong current, the swim cut short to 1700m, 200m run to the timing mat to subsidies the swim.
You need to be positive, you need to always think positive in order to deal with all the conditions, rain storm the nite before the race morning, should be alright because you've trained in all conditions, swim against the current, riding against the wind, running in the heat that's alright because you trained hard than you race, and you've dealed with it.
Never trust the course description, I remember the description said the swim course is on the 'slow moving river'....thing will change. Saturday and Sunday, the current was stronger than expected, it seems a lot stronger than the East Coast of Singapore. It tired lot of people, except for those really a good swimmer. I saw the current move a lot of people off course, they tried hard to swim back to the buoy and never make it, from my view on the shore, they just seemed swimming on the same place, not moving any forward, I hope none of the Sonic was there. As the swim layout was a rectangle in anti-clockwise, the current moving from 2 to 7 o'clock, the last 300m swim suppose to be 100m away from the shore but the current moved them to the shore, eventually I saw some people 'walking' in the 4 feet deep water in the last part. From people facial expression after the swim, they were tired.
You need to be careful on your body condition and diet on the race week, it was very disappointing that our Shek O Yee suffered from some virus infection trigger the serious food prisoning that couldn't move herself to the start line....
You need to really understand the course, there was some last minutes changes in the run course that the race briefing was mentioned. It became complicated in the last few km. It made our coach Kenneth running into the wrong direction in the 18.5k turning point and missed the finish line!!! He was leading in his age-group and also beat Kevin Clark at the time. I can't think of any respectable word to describe.
In speaking of the race organization, I'd prefer to maintain the Start, Transition and Finish line in the same area, the best would be close to the hotel. It'd be best for triathletes and also for supporters.
It was a really hot day, I felt very hot and need to ice myself even I just walked around and cheer up everybody, not to mention for all the racing Team Sonic!
Hat off to Kent, he was running around for his booth and all the logistic for HK group, he also can finished the race in less than 6 hrs! Absolutely amusing! 
Hat off to Olivier, I bet you didn't believe the result but you made it to the finish line;
Hat off to Joey, yes it was bloody hot but you remain your age-group champion after Singapore!
Hat off to Chris Tong, I bet you had a bad run same as everyone but your bike time was very fast, almost catch Kenneth.
Hat off to my wife Gigi, you'r absolutely amusing, you're not so seriously prepare but still made it to the end strongly, your mum and dad also witness this when you cross the finish line!
Hat off to Rockson, you signed up in the last minutes and jump into the pain.
Hat off to our husband and wife relay team Teresa and George, Teresa felt sorry about her swim time but I believe George didn't mind to wait as he believe in you.
Hat off to our Asia mix relay team Elsie, Evangeline and Adelyn, this is one of the toughest Ironman race, said by Chris McCormack.
Hat off to Brain and Chung, your got the guts to keep challenge yourself to do this Ironman China again and again!
Hat off to Dominic, Billy Chow and Bernard Ho for this virgin 70.3 Ironman and this is the tough one!
Hat off to Valter, your hard training in this 1.5 months and determination paid off!
Hat off to James, don't be disappointed as your great enough to bring your three kids and do the race!
Larry was very chill but I think he enjoy the time when he pumped the tyre with his own designed floor pump.
At last, we need to really hat off to the one finish the first Ironman in the course of Ironman China, Jacky Mak! He finished it strongly in 14:06, it was absolutely emotional to witness he crossing the finish line, absolutely brilliant! 
You're all the hero! If I were you, I would be the first one to drop off to sent to the medical tent.
Also thanks Susana and Ryan running around with their camera and feel the heat with everyone!
Let's celebrate! The Sonic Ironman China post race BBQ will be on this Sunday 26/4, 7pm at South China Association Root Top bar.
everybody welcome! R.S.V.P. on the Sonic forum
It's your turn to tell your story!
Some pictures already on the Sonic Facebook to preview.
This week, better recover your body, take more meal, vitamin, water and bring a jacket with you, your body is weak.
Hope to see everyone and let's have a few drink on Sunday!
cheers, Charles