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2009-Laguna Phuket Triathlon

The motivation to do this race started from year 2005 as a supporter with Alan, Madoka, Yann and Andrew Loong, what a good date!

I actually signed it up in 2007 but got pull out by work schedule, finally done this until year 2009.

I didn't really write race report for so long and here is my story.

This is the course just slightly longer than OD distance so physically i should absolutely capable of doing this one, just the part I've concerned on the descending the steep hills, Lucky me to test ride most of the course on Friday so the confidence was there after climbing and descending those short but steep hills but unlucky that I might catch flu after that 2hrs ride in the heat, sudden change of weather when HK is quite cool. Sat night and race morning was feeling quite sick but I still walking okay so let's give it a "Tri"! The swim layout was a 1.2k ocean swim in triangle layout plus 600m swim across lagun, race mood was super with MC and dance music uplifting everyone race/party mode! Gun started sharply at 0700, swimming with 600 triathletes in the 1st wave was amusing! In the 1st 500m I was all the way swimming within the big pack, imagine myself was in the ironman races, I found my own space after the 1st turning then all the way swim with a few guys, chasing the sun back to the shore (sun rise right on the starting point), jump into the lagun for rest of 600m swim, felt a bit longer and more difficult even Neil told me about this, it was a more warm water and losing the buoyancy of sea water, feel like sinking until I saw some weeds underneath nearby the swim exit, I felt my speed! 34mins for 1.8k swim, not bad, feeling quite ok and I saw Neil and Shu-Ching cheering me up! Okay I can keep it up! Thanks for Frederic for his pill maybe it helps!

I was hooking up all my bike gear in T1, G ran to me and oh no!! She told me she got pull out from the water by jellyfish attack and not allow the carry on her race...she was absolutely disappointed, all her hard training and mood was ruined, I saw her tear dropping, I know I need to finish this damn race for her, this was what I can do at that moment and she also cheering me to go! Ok the 55k journey start with 5k easy ride out of laguna complex, where lot of people (Ren) flying pass me until the first climb, it's the most difficult one I guess, my speed was 6km/h, I didn't push hard, just slowly pedaling to get it done, after a few of similarly short n steep climbs, the first hill completed and I slowly descending the yellow flat zone where is another very steep descending, brake control before going down, conservatively done the 1st and ride for a few km and get ready for next one, 2nd climb is long, but less steep, I manage to climb at 10km/h, I guess it's about 700m, going down with 2 technical S bend, should go faster but I still keep it conservatively....2 big climbs get done so my race was over, heading north for a 15k loop then I met Susana and Teresa just finish the hills, good to have a shout! Rest of the ride consist of lot of small rolling terrain running through different village, rubber tree field, the time for those flat TT guys (Arthur) school kids are all cheering for you and I also say "Sawadee Cap" to all of them to make myself happy and stay awake, road condition is surprisingly smooth as silk, just a few road bump need to be aware of, but all are well marked with "LPT Bike" left or right arrow, not a draft legal race but with 950 triathletes on the road you won't be surprised to meet peloton at difference paces; 55k bike course actually made up of 1/3 of hills, 1/3 of rolling terrains alone village, rubber trees field, and 1/3 of wide open highway, I didn't push, just keep the cadence and finish the 55k ride in 2hrs;

Rest of the race is just a 12k run (2 x 6k loop), I can say there was about 8k (4k each lap) on the golf course and most of it with shady or with wind breeze, just feel like running in happy valley or even better! Everyone well trained should have a great time however I was staying conservatively jog/walk in the park, with the flu cloud over my head...finishing the race in 4hrs06mins, not a good time at all, but with a very little preparation and sickness, that's ok, should able to make a better time next time.

It should be a great race but my mood was not there due to the DNF and the disappointment of my partner, wish to have a better come back in 2010 and crossing the finish line strongly and happier..

Philip, I will try to find out your gel next year, and also Gigi's jelly fish!