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Sonic 2009 off-season Training Camp Macau!

posted Jan 11, 2009, 12:40 AM by TeamSonic Secretary   [ updated Jan 15, 2009, 6:22 PM ]
Sonic 2009 off-season Training Camp Macau!

Olá Macau!

Back to Hac Sa!
This year we moved our training camp back to Macau!
The training camp will start from Friday 30 Jan to Sunday 1 Feb for 3 days 2 nights.
We will stay in Hac Sa Youth Hostel for accommodation. Training will cover swim, bike, run and eat for a complete triathlon training. Please see below for detail;

Date: 30 Jan - 1 Feb
30 Jan
11:00 Gathering at Sheung Wan Macau Ferry Pier
12:00 Ferry from Sheung Wan Macau Ferry Pier to Taipa Macau
13:00 Arrived at Macau Taipa, transportation to Hac Sa camp site
13:30 45 seats Bus + Lorry pickup
14:30 Check-in
15:30 2hrs Trail Running
17:30 stretching, shower
18:00 Dinner (location TBC)
22:00 Group Briefing

31 Jan
07:00 Advanced: 4hrs long ride lead by Kenji Leung
07:00 Medium: 3hrs long ride lead by Kenneth Yip
07:00 Beginner: 2hrs ride + technique training lead by Oil Yip
12:30 45 seats Bus pickup
13:00 Lunch (location TBC)
15:00 Swim training with Macau age-groupers/elite at Olympic Swimming Pool
17:30 Tea time at Taipa
19:00 Dinner (location TBC)
21:30 45 seats Bus pickup
22:00 Debrief

1 Feb
08:00 Run Bike Run Brick training
11:00 Stretching
12:00 Check-out Camp site
13:00 Lunch at Fernado (TBC)
14:30 45 seats Bus + Lorry pickup
16:30 Ferry from Taipa back to Hong Kong

HKD1200 per person for full package (round-trip transportation from HK Ferry to Macau Camp Site, Accommodation, Coaching & Guidance)
HKD800 per person for self-arranged round-trip Ferry tickets and transportation to Camp site
HKD700 per person for self-arranged round-trip Ferry tickets, transportation and accommodation.

Your confirmation need to be made by payment transfer to Sonic Sports a/c in Heng Sang Bank 289-537789-001, send receipt to me on or before 15th January, we will then proceed to arrange transportation.

Deadline: 15th January

Points to note:

  1. All training content is subjected to change by Kenneth Yip and Kenji Leung
  2. Black Sand Youth Hostel http://www.dsej.gov.mo/~webdsej/www/grp_stud/hostel_detail.htm
  3. Please ensure your insurance coverage
  4. Will cancel automatically if applicants are less than 20 OR Camp site application fail.
  5. Maximum capacity for training camp subject to camp site availability: 14 boys and 16 girls.
  6. Breakfast self-arrange before morning session; Lunch & Dinner should go as one single group.
  7. We will make use of local public transport and our bicycle during the camp.
  8. Bring Heart Rate Monitor, pulse check every morning
  9. Bring 2 - 3 spare tires
  10. Bring nutrition supplements (sports drink powder instead of sports drink)
  11. Bring training wheels for cycling
  12. Bring two running shoes: for road and for trail
  13. Bring bicycle rear and front light
  14. Use bike bag or some protective foams for your bikes during transportation is recommended.
  15. *night entertainment* are self-arranged
  16. one room for the boys, one room for the girls.