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Club NEWSletter October 2009

posted Oct 20, 2009, 11:42 PM by TeamSonic Secretary
Hi all Sonic ladies and gentlemen,
October is the HK Tri ITU month!! Are you ready??
6 September: Splash n Dash Aquathon 1
13 September: Gold Coast ITU Triathlon World Championships
27 September: Above Challenge Triathlon
3 October: Taitung 123 (2km swim, 100km bike, 21km run)
4 October: Taitung 51.5 (Olympic distance)
4 October: Splash n Dash Aquathon 2
Sonic + TriA membership for 2010
HK ITU Update!!
HK ITU course familiarization
HK ITU pre-race dinner
Sonic Time Trial
Start time of regular run training on Mon/Wed
Members benefit
Sonic + TriA membership for 2010
The membership renewal for 2010 will be released after HK ITU, watch out on Sonic forum or your mailbox!
HK ITU Update!!
  • Everyone should receive an email for race briefing and race pack collection on 6th, 9th and 10th Oct at Olympic House.
  • You can preview the race course by the video posted on Sonic Facebook page, but I guess you may not understand...
  • Most of us are staying at Disneyland hotel for 1 night, how about you?
  • Our coach Kenneth promoting HK Triathlon race at Diocesan Boy's School http://www.hongkongitu.com/en/news12.shtml and also with TVB crew interview!!
  • Proudly! Sonic will have our own marquee setup in the finish line area! We'll need some helpers to man the booth!!
HK ITU course familiarization
We will hold a course familiarization session for Sonic members on 11st Oct, coming Sunday at Tung Chung.
Start time: 0730 at Sham Shui Kok drive, 0800 at Disneyland Pier
Bring bike and run gear.
Visit Sonic forum for map & direction: http://www.sonicsports.org.hk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1941
Everyone please try to attend this session, if you don't want to get lost in the race!
HK ITU pre-race dinner (also a post-race for our Tai Tung ironman)
Let's get together this Saturday evening before the big ITU race, I've booked a few tables for local chinese dishes. Hopefully everyone can get together after getting our race kits, especially if we don't always meet in training. I will also invite our relay team and CMS mates. Let me know or drop a message by email or by forum, RSVP.
Time: 7:30pm 10 Oct
Place: Sun Tak Hang VIP room (2/F)
Sonic Time Trial
We tentatively set 22 November for 40k cycling Time Trial at Cheung Tung Road, Tung Chung! I will send out the detail after ITU!
Start time of regular run training on Mon/Wed
I have discussed and reviewed the length and quality of our run training on Wan Chai track with both coach Kenneth and Timothy, we will enforce the run training program start at 8:00pm. Everyone please arrive at the running track and give yourself enough time for your own warm up and drill works. The build-up and main set will start at 8:00pm.
I hope this change can help to improve the quality of our run training, for those arrive late due to work commitment, just do a default 10mins/1600m warm up before joining the main set.
This idea have been generally accepted by some of regular training participants.
We will make the 8pm start on this Wednesday, Kenneth will enforce this from next Monday.
Members benefit
One more Tri shop in town and it's on the Shatin area, visit www.3rdmove.com for the address, Sonic members can enjoy 10% off discount.
It is surely a benefit to our members from Shatin/Tai Po area.
Contact: Ginny Wong
3rd Move Sports Management Consultant Limited
9218 8923 | www.3rdmove.com
Address: Shop No.S4,3/F., Fook Hoi House, Lek Yuen Shopping Centre, Shatin, N.T.
6 September: Splash n Dash Aquathon 1

The first race of this popular event jam the Repulse Bay running path by record high amount of people!
Podium finish we have the following!
F20-29 Janice Lee 2nd 40:03
M25-29 Michal Bucek 2nd 32:13
M30-34 Ashley Miles 2nd 32:57
M35-39 Olivier Baillet 2nd 31:45
13 September: Gold Coast ITU Triathlon World Championships
Our TriA President Kent Wong lead a small team of HK age-grouper including our Ian Brownlee to race against all the top age-groupers in the world, they both clocked a good time under the competitive conditions!
Kent Wong: 2:37:13 ranked 108/110 in 35-39 group while the fastest man was 1:57:30, the mean clocked 2:17:30!!
Ian Brownlee: 3:04:17 ranked 66/69 in 60-64 group while the fastest man was 2:11:56, the mean clocked 2:44:13!!
Event Website: http://www.worldtriathlongoldcoast.com/ and photos on Sonic Facebook page!
27 September: Above Challenge Triathlon
This is the first Triathlon in HK for charity which encourage disable to take part in this sports and to have breakthrough, it's touching to see single arm or single leg people working hard on the triathlon race course. It's uncommon in HK but good to do the first step.
We have small team of Sonic race for that windy morning, the Tolo Harbour was un-usually choppy, it was difficult for the beginner not to mention the people with single arm or leg but it made the run be more pleasurable.
This is the great triathlon race with a lot of commerical and organization support to make it like a carnival, we are not sure if they will do it for next year, if they do, we should do it altogether next year, it's really meaningful.
I did the swim part for the handcycling triathletes Samual in Able/Disable mix relay, some photos also on Facebook, and more photos from other nicer camera see here:
3 October: Taitung 123 (2km swim, 100km bike, 21km run)
4 October: Taitung 51.5 (Olympic distance)

Dual Typhoon risks, Earthquake, strong head winds....what more can you imagine to happen in the mid-autum triathlon festival weekend at Tai Tung??
Small team of Sonic lead by Kent bring triumph and price money home!!
123 Ironman
M35 Kent Wong 11th, 5:53:26
M40 Don Yuen 25th, 6:47:15
M45 Lee YingHo 24th, 6:57:19
M45 Chow Sai Lok 27th, 7:05:27
Philip Pen, 10:30hrs!!!
Olympic distance
M15 Jacky Lam 8th, 3:18:21 (broken down in the run?)
M30 Frederic Beaujean 9th, 2:43:26
M35 Brian Lee 7th, 2:38:36
M45 Eric Chan 3th, 2:35:50
W Susana Campuzano 10th, 2:55:07 (top 10 female, breaking into 3hrs! yeah!)
Visit the event website: http://www.super3.tw/ and attached with full result.
Another prove after Ironman China, to train harder than you race, to expect the unexpected!
Let's wait for their story and photos!
4 October: Splash n Dash Aquathon 2
At the same morning in HK, we gain benefit from the cooler and dry weather to race the Splash n Dash at South Bay! The 4k run/540m swim/4k run format attracted a lot of good runners to take part, it also means we, the triathletes can catch good number of people during 540m swim especially for fairly good swimmers! (ahah!!)
A mass start with 200 people feel like in the running race!
We have about 20 of us show up the race with some podium finish!
F20-29 Janice Lee aka Tri-ME 2nd 42:52
F40 Joey-Lynn Musselman 2nd 44:17
M25-29 Michal Bucek 1st 35:12
M30-34 Miles Ashley 2nd 36:45
M16-19 Leung Chin Fung 1st
Full result at http://www.revolution-asia.com/live/rev.php?p=results
Upcoming races:
10 October: Clean Half 15k relay swim (Mary, Eliz, Julius are doing this!)
18 October: HK ITU (Sonic target race)
1 November: Splash n Dash Aquathon 3
8 November: TriA Aquathon 4 (Tuen Mun Golden Beach)
15 November: HK 10k Challenge
29 November: UNICEF 3k/10k/21k Run
6 December: Phuket Triathlon
14 March: Ironman China/70.3
21 March: Ironman Singapore 70.3