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Club NEWSletter - September 2009

posted Sep 4, 2009, 12:27 AM by TeamSonic Secretary
Hi all Sonic ladies and gentlemen,

September, holiday finish, school start, business as usual, but races are all coming!!!

16 August: HKTriA Repulse Bay Aquathon
29 August: Paris Triathlon
HK ITU Triathlon and Sonic Relay Team
Sonic Time Trial (Stage 5: Triathlon)
Junior Training Schedule
Wan Chai Running track re-open on 21 September
27 September: Above Challenge Triathlon
Training Fee pay date
Upcoming races

16 August: HKTriA Repulse Bay Aquathon

Great turn out for that morning! 50 of us raced and quite a number of podium finish in age-grouper and junior categories!

There was minor adjustment on the swim course, they reversed the swim direction maybe to avoid any shortcut but it made the swim little bit longer than previous years.

The fastest man Ivan Yeung back in shape after some time off for CFA, ranked 3rd in his 25-29 age-group while un-train but re-motivated coach Kenneth Yip ranked 4th, he won 1st runner up in 2nd race;
New rocket was developed and his name is Sebastien Stoffel won the 2nd runner up in 30-34 AG, his first local medal after success in Bali Triathlon earlier;
Our Sonic force is shifting into 35-39 group, welcome back Andrew Loong to the battlefield and won 1st runner up, 2nd runner up went to Brian Lee, our TriA president Kent Wong ranked 6th, Kut Yip Ming ranked 7th and Yvan Corno ranked 8th, within a 30secs gap between each other; We have Eric Chan represented 45-49 group and ranked 6th;
Super Sonic girl we have Stephanie Bina won 1st runner up and new star Janice Lee ranked 5th and crown champion in her 2nd race despite her flu infection. We also welcome back our fresh graduated policewoman Natalie Wu and mountain girl Wiwin Leung for their participation.

Junior field usually dominated by ETS and Titan kids but we start to put some names on the top 3, we have Elizabeth Lam (2nd) and Lau Ching Ning (3rd) in 1994 group and Liu Tsi Yan (3rd) in Female Junior.

Well done everyone in the hot morning, we appreciate every name on the result sheet that score points for the club. Some picture already on www.fotop.net/sonicsports if you still have some picture want to share, pass it to Ryan Tan.

Also attached with the result analysis for your interested but let me know if anyone interested in this data analysis for the future race or time trial result.

Keep up the good work for HK ITU!

29 August: Paris Triathlon
After winning the first medal in HK, our new rocket Sebastien Stoffel done Paris Triathlon at 2:27:34! Very good time with family support, let's wait for his story.

HK ITU Triathlon and Sonic Relay Team:
Turn on your race mode, we gonna be ready for the ITU!
The race course detail already on www.hongkongitu.com and also attached, read carefully, the change will be on the swim exit, TA and the bike course; TriA will arrange pre-race briefing 1 week before the race day and we will also organize a course preview, keep an eye on your email.

As usual, everybody is training hard for this race, we do have some top age-groupers in our club for the podium contender, we also form a few of relay teams alliance with CMS Cycling team, our relay team consists of HK national life-saving rescue team swimmers, former US university team swimmer; bike legs we have professional euro cyclist, Asian game cyclist and HK downhill/mountain bike champion cyclist, final run legs will be relied on the HKAAA top 13 10k runner, our own Sonic grow fastest man, and our own Sonic grow sub-2hrs marathon man.

See if we can turn the podium to Sonic blue in colour!

Besides winning and good result, we encourage all members particplation in triathlon event, be remember that the sports of triathlon is not about the time but about the challenge of your own soul. It could be a challenge of your commitment at training, your time management, your threshold in terms of your endurance, power and speed. This spirit apply to all indivdual no matter you're the junior or age-grouper, fresh new joiner or experienced 10 times Ironman finisher.

I will organize a pre-race dinner, it wouldn't be carboloading but a good chance for everyone to get together before the race.

Sonic Time Trial (Stage 5: Triathlon)
The next time trial will held at Shek O beach on 13 September in Triathlon format!
This time we will going to do 1200m swim, 30k bike, 4k run.
The swim will remain around three platforms in Shek O beach, the bike course would be two laps alone the entire Shek O Road where we need to climb up and ride down the Shek O Road for two times, run course remains the usual 4k to Big Wave Bay and return.
This time trial is the second last training race for Sonic point, it will be a good pre-race practice for some of us doing Above Challenge Triathlon, TaiTung 123/OD Triathlon, and HK ITU for everyone.

The leading top 3 ladies and men:
1st Sebastien Stoffel pt89
2nd Eric Chan pt73
3rd Kent Wong pt69

1st Stephanie Bina pt36
2nd Shek O Yee pt34
3rd Susana Campuzano pt24

See the current ranking below:
https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key ... utput=html

The final stage will be arranged in November.

Junior Training Schedule
After the success of the summer course, Junior program will start from September, training 3 days a week, based on Victoria Park and Causeway Bay running track, Friday night will join with age-grouper training.
Please visit our website Junior section for more information.

Wan Chai Running track re-open on 21 September
That's mean our run training will go back to the track and it will be serious!

27 September: Above Challenge Triathlon
This is a new triathlon race in HK called "Above Challenge Triathlon", it's fund raising race for HK Red Cross. It is more like a sprint triathlon distance at Science Park but distance as 500m swim/27k bike/5k run. Visit http://www.above-challenge.hk/en/events_triathlon.html for information.

We proudly been invited as a supporting organization so please everyone you're welcome to join. Application form attached and deadline at 15 September. Some of us enroll it already.

Training Fee pay date
To all regular training participant, we would appreciate it if you could pay your training fees for September and October to Kenneth in the first week of September. You can pay by cash, cheque or transferring the fee to Heng Sang Bank 289-537789-001.
Please ignore this message if you have already done so.

Upcoming races:
6 September: Splash n Dash Aquathon 1
27 September: Above Challenge Triathlon
3 October: Taitung 123 (2km swim, 100km bike, 21km run)
4 October: Taitung 51.5 (Olympic distance, we have small team of Sonic will go for this!)
4 October: Splash n Dash Aquathon 2
4 October: HKASA Open Water Swim (3500m or 600m)
18 October: HK ITU (Sonic target race)
1 November: Splash n Dash Aquathon 3
15 November: Nike 10k
29 November: UNICEF 3k/10k/21k Run
6 December: Phuket Triathlon
14 March: Ironman China/70.3
21 March: Ironman Singapore 70.3

At last, action quick at TriSports if you'd like to stock in more ORCA stuff.

Take a good rest and better condition your body while the training quality progress.