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Club NEWSletter - November 2010

posted Nov 8, 2010, 8:36 AM by TeamSonic Secretary   [ updated Nov 9, 2010, 5:06 AM ]
Dear all Sonic!

October was all about tapering and racing! A big recap on what we've done last month!

Clean Half 15k solo/relay swim
Every year we have a few brave souls do this swim, it's a 15k swim from Stanley to Deep Water Bay, mostly in relay (10mins rotation), some hardcore will do it in solo! And they will do it again and again!

Many Congratulation to the team effort by Philip Penaloza, Gabriel Lau, Ivan Wong, Arther Liew, it was 5 hours of boat trip, music, foods, dance and swim to the Deep Water Bay;
Solo swimmers this time we have Andy Patrick and our leading Sonic fish Mary Kwoh (2nd time), 15k of swim takes Andy to series of acupuncture and sports massage treatment, and the response from Mary is, "I wouldn't do it again..." let's wait and see!

HK ITU Triathlon
It was a bit of puzzle about the weather in the race week, the super typhoon Megi was approaching HK, it brought a lot difficulties for the race organizer to do setup however, the typhoon was changing direction and eventually we all had a great weather and great triathlon race in Disney HK! Many congratulations to all Sonic to bring the triumph over 2 days of HK Triathlon event, from Elite to Junior, Olympic to Sprint distance!

In the elite men, HK super star Daniel Lee dropped off after swim for Asian Game preparation, Tribal Andrew Wright finished at 1:56:33 ranked 18/36, Sonic Ivan Lo finished at 1:59:56 ranked 25/36 while champion by Gavin Noble from Ireland at 1:53:59.

In junior, Lam family crowned Champion, brother Michael won his 1997 age-group, and sister Elisabeth won 16-19 age-group, Eugene Wong won 2nd runners-up in 1998 age-group;

It was a show time in day 2 for all of us the age-groupers!
In OD wave, girls age-group 25-29 podium almost sweep ed by Sonic, we have Stephaine Champion Bina, and former Aquathon Queen Janice Lee for 2nd runner up; Christina Lee improved a lot this year and ranked 5th in her AG in OD;
men 25-29 Champion went to our Kona super star Michal Bucek; Sebastien Stoffel ranked top 10 in his 30-34 AG; Eric Chan ranked 8th in 45-49; Albert Chan ranked 10th!

For Taiwan Ironman tapering, some of us switch to sprint triathlon category and surprisingly rock the podium!
In girls sprint, Evangeline Quek won 2nd runners up in 25-29; Gigi Wong won 2nd runners up in 30-34; Susuana Campuzano won 1st runners up in 35-39;
In men's sprint, only coach Kenneth won 2nd runners up on the podium!
Sonic Girls Power again!

At last, we all had a great time hang out at the Sonic tent, big thanks to our coach Kenneth for the setup, and the new volunteer team by Billy, Janice and George bring us all the icey cold drinks and beer after the race!

Ironman Taiwan 70.3
As you know we have more than twenty members race the Ironman Taiwan 70.3 on 30 Oct after 4 months of hard training and long mileage we've earned in Tung Chung, rain and shine. The race took place in beautiful Kenting, the most southern part of the Taiwan Island, setting the swim at South Bay crystal clear water, 475m out and back for 2 loops of swim, very mild swell made the swim fun, and the line-up by lot of Kenting surfers to ensure the water safety, 24C temperature in the morning made it wetsuit legal so 90% of us put the suit on for the buoyancy advantage, the bike course is on the west part of Kenting with rolling/flat terrain, 90k of riding in nice temperature, sunny, and very windy! The wind is the topic among the triathletes but they don't call it Ironman for nothing. The 21k run is relatively straight forward, just a plain run along the bike course all the way from transition run back to the official hotel.

Everybody is very happy with the race organization and the setting, some of us also have good result and made it to podium! Andy Patrick won 1st runner up in AG, Susana Campuzano won 5th, Eric won 10th in AG! Their hard training paid off!!!

Especially happy to our coach Kenneth making strong come back in the 30-34 fields, finished at 11th.

First time Ironman 70.3 finishers also go to George and Teresa after a few Ironman relay; Ren Ho finished strong for the first time; Julius Wang overcame his injury and like the distance very much; "R"elay-No-More team by Ivan Wong, Raymond and Frederic also taste the Ironman race for the first time and finished in style; "First time is the best time but not sure if it's last time" goes to Charles Hui :)

The most unlucky in this race is Gigi, she had flat tyre in the race morning and got another flat after 25k ride to end the race, but she was still very strong to cheer up everybody in the race course but not hiding herself.

This race is highly recommended! Kenting is also becoming a potential training venue next year.

Season Closing

Finally the triathlon season is coming to the end, hope everyone happy with their archievement no matter you're the taking your first step in this sports, stepping up for longer distance or you've made the personal best in your races.

Your archievement could also be how much you know yourself alone the process from signing up the race, preparation and working towards the finish line, while you're dealing with your daily life. (we all age-groupers), think about that, you will be smiling, no matter you had a good race or bad race.

All in all, it's time to have some more fun! And it's time for the beer!

14 November Some of us will go to 10k road running race as their annual time trial!
21 November Sonic Time Trial, final stage, 40k of Individual Time Trial, 2 laps on Cheung Tung Rd, at Tung Chung, format same as last year, 1mins interval; More information to come!
28 November Some will do Phuket Triathlon for 1.8k swim/55k bike and 12k run

All in all, it's time to have some more fun! And it's time for the beer!
Sonic End of Season Party
Sonic End of Season Party will change to 18 December, after the Tri-HK AGM and award presentation. Since I need more time to prepare Sonic ranking sheet, Time Trial Award lucky draw and who will be the Best Sonic man and Sonic girl of year 2010!! Please mark your calendar for 18 December!!!

To all Sonic Photographers!!

If you don't mind to share your photos on the Sonic photos album:
http://www.fotop.net/sonicsports for any social events, HK ITU or Ironman Taiwa, please feel free to give me a disc or Ryan Tan (ar On) who manage the Sonic photos album.

Don't forget to check out Sonic Facebook page:

Sonic on media!
Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air in-flight magazine SilkRoad published a pictures of some of our members from last year Phuket Triathlon, thanks Elize to share this copy with us. (attached)

Sports Soho Magazine is the local sports magazine, (also the co-organizer of HK ITU) in the current issue you can see some Sonic members and coach inside! From the cover man Julius Wang in HK ITU, our wheel chair triathelete AJ Smauel, Kent and Michal on the Kona Ironman feature, interviewing coach Kenji and coach Rockson as a model fitting the winter jacket!!!
Buy this magazine from Circle-K or 7-11 for a good read!

Volunteers ALWAYS WANTED!!
Anyone want to jump into the behind the scene works for Sonic, please come to me or Kenneth, we need you to bring in more creative idea and your specialities to the club, from social event, organizing time trial, oversea race, result analysis, newsletter, club kits design and ordering, training fee collection, your help will bring benefit to the grow of the club!

Lastly, friendly reminding everyone to transfer or pay training fee for November and December to coach Kenneth or Rockson during training.

Upcoming Races
14 November: Asics 10k Run
21 November: Sonic Time Trial 5 (40k cycling)
28 November: Laguna Phuket Triathlon
18 December: Sonic End Of Season Party

Thanks for reading.

Charles Hui