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Club NEWSletter - May 2009

posted Apr 30, 2009, 2:24 AM by TeamSonic Secretary

Hi all Sonic Ladies and Gentlemen,
In this issue, I will talk about...
Club T-shirt
Aquathon 1 highlight
Ironman China highlight
Duathlon 3 highlight
new Sonic Triathlon coach
Sonic Boutique
Swimming class by Kenneth
Saturday Ride by Kenneth
Cycling class Level 1 by Kenneth
Upcoming races

Club T-shirt
Maybe you're waiting for so long! Our Sonic 2009 limited edition T-shirt finally available for all register Sonic members for the year 2009. You can't buy it, It's free, It's limited edition, It's first come first serve, It's so SONIC!! Some of you already got it from Ironman China and Duathlon Race; I will just distribute it in Sunday training and 10 May Age-Group Triathlon.
Aquathon 1 highlight
5 April Sunday we all at South Bay to kick off the Aquathon season! The water temperature was still cool but our spirit was unbeatable! Great turnout from Sonic, we have number of us came back from injury and number of us had ranked top 3 in this run/swim/run format! Our coach Kenneth gain back his racing mood and crowned champion, outperform our macho fireman Bill Yuen Kai Lai. Our cabin crew Brian Lee also had strong finish and ranked 1st runner up; Ladies side also competitive, our long term champion school teacher Stephanie Bina met the new challenge from Grace Wong, Grace was the first lady cross the finish line at 28:33, Stephanie 17seconds after. They both crowned champion in their age-group. We finished the race with lot of smiles, laugh and photos and most of us went to Yum Cha to race debriefing. The absent rate for this race is less, thanks everybody support!
Ironman China highlight
I guess you read all the race report from difference website and forum, I don't add much, still, it was too HOT! In this race, in Sonic, our coach Kenneth and Shek O Yee could be the equally unluckiest person as our Kenneth was leading the swim, leading the bike, leading the run, until the 18.5k check point.....while Shek O Yee suffered from food prisoning and DNS.
However, Team Sonic gain solid media exposure in this trip, the spirit, the sportsmanship and the encouragement among the members are nothing we can value for. Everyone finished this race are absolutely amazing! Watching our Jacky Mak finished his Ironman was truly emotional, Knowing Joey-Lynn, Gigi, and two of our relay team won the trophy, standing on the podium was absolutely fantastic! We have enough reason to celebrate! BBQ on 1st May 7pm.
Duathlon 3 highlight
26 April, we were questioning if the race would cancel due to the heavy rain on Saturday, somehow the rain stopped and asked everyone to race this tough course! Most of the Ironman China finishers was resting so we only had 13 tough souls starting on the start line. As most of the Sonic podium contenders like Kent and Brian were still recovering so the medals for Sonic only went to Stephanie and Ian Brownlee. But we all had a great workout over this hilly course and the rain started again when we had breakfast.
new Sonic Triathlon coach
It's our pleasure to announce the new Triathlon coach, Rockson Wong, who certified for the HKTriA Triathlon Coaching Level One. The stretching instructor joint Sonic in 2005, he is a keen player in swimming, cycling and physical fitness.
Sonic Boutique
We have some club kits already in stock and available for everyone order without any waiting;
XL men sleeveless jersey x 1
L Casual Windbreaker x 2
L men winter vest x 1
L men sleeveless jersey x 1
L men tech-fleece jacket x 1
L women tri-top x 1
M leg warmer x 2
M arm warmer x 2
M men short sleeve jersey x 8
M men cycling short x 1
M men winter vest x 1
M women winter vest x 1
M women short sleeve jersey x 1
S women tech-fleece jacket x 2
S men tri-top x 1
S men tri-short x 2

and a lot of swimming cap!!
I will maintain this list on the Sonic forum:
Sonic Forum > Market Place > Club Kits in stock or simply click below:
Swimming class by Kenneth
We have some members asking for additional technique training for swim.
Kenneth has two timeslots to organize the swimming class that focus on technique in distance swimming.

The time would be either Tuesday morning 7-8am or Tuesday evening 8-9pm at Victory Park swimming pool.

He needs at least 6 people to start the class for each timeslot.
The charge will be HKD400 per month to Kenneth.
Please button-click or drop a message on Sonic forum if you're interested.
Saturday Ride by Kenneth
Kenneth is going to lead a casual Saturday ride at 7:30am for 2-3hours cycling training start from May.
It could be at Tung Chung, Shek O, Island South, Tai Mei Tuk.....just watch out of his messages.
Cycling class Level 1 by Kenneth
Kenneth is a busy bee!!! Other than Tuesday swim and Saturday ride, he is asking anyone would interested in the cycling technique class that focus on technique, bike handling, cornering...
Time: Saturday afternoon.
Venue: To be arranged.
Please contact Kenneth for arrangement.
Upcoming races
In the 2nd half of 2009, our skill is ready, technique is ready, team race suit is ready, our focus will move on to the training and racing!!!!!
10 May: Age-Group Triathlon (Sonic sub-target race of the year)
31 May: Re-scheduled Duathlon Race 2
28 June: Aquathon 2, Kowloon Tsai
4 July: 2.2k Open Water Swim Shek O Challenge
26 July: 70.3 Putrajaya
2 August: Sprint Triathlon
23 August: 70.3 Philippines
29 August: Paris Triathlon (Sebastien and Jean Mong will do this)
27 September: HK ITU (Sonic target race)
3 October: Taitung 123 (2km swim, 100km bike, 21km run)
4 October: Taitung 51.5 (Olympic distance)
15 November: Nike 10k
6 December: Phuket Triathlon

Train hard, and Train safe!