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Club NEWSletter - June 2009

posted Jun 7, 2009, 11:00 PM by TeamSonic Secretary

Hi all Sonic Ladies and Gentlemen,
In this issue, I will talk about...
May Roundup
Age-Group Triathlon on 8 May
Duathlon Race 2 at Science Park
Sonic Girls Power!
Aquathon Race 2 at Kowloon Tsai Park
Club kits/Trisuit ordering
HKITU date change
Tong Dau Yen - the long distance training group
Inclement Weather/ Conditions Warnings for Sunday training
Upcoming races
Age-Group Triathlon on 8 May
It was a one fine day, about 40 of us race the age-group triathlon across olympic and sprint distance on the Sunday of 8 May while just small number of strong members absent because of flu attack or work/life commitment.
If I remember correctly, we have no first timer in this race but first podium finisher!
On the men's field, our TriA President Kent Wong challenged the elite open and ranked 2nd at 2:31:57 after James McCurdy;
Ross Lee ranked 3rd in AG 20-24 at 2:39:44;
Our coach Kenneth Yip also ranked 3rd in AG 25-29 at 2:21:09 after two challengers from Macau Red Fiber team;
Another coach Rockson Wong also ranked 9th in AG 30-34 at 2:34:17, Sebastien frighted hard to be top 10 in same group at 2:34:35;
More competitive in Men AG 35-39, coach Derek Kut ranked 5th at 2:28:37, Christopher Tong right after, Richard Yong ranked 8th, Brian Lee ranked 10th;
A man still frighting in triathlon over 40 and ranked top 10 could be hardcore, we have Albert Chan ranked 9th at 2:30:18 in AG 40-44, and Eric Chan ranked 10th at 2:35:55 in AG 45-49.
A man still completing in triathlon over 50 need to be respected! We have Philip Penaloza in this field!
In the shorter distance category we have Leung Chin Fung crowned Champion in men AG 20-29 and Edwin Wong ranked 2nd in AG 40-49.
On the ladies side, Stephaine Bina won Champion in AG 20-29 at no doubt while Shek O Yee won 2nd runner's up, another Champion in AG 30-39 by Grace Wong for her first time?! Evangeline Quek and Echo Huang also dominated the 1st and 2nd runners up, right after Oil Yip in sprint distance AG 20-29, also the first time podium finishers!! Sonic girls always SUPER!!
Our elite Andrew Wright also came back from his injury and ranked 4th in the sprint Elite Open field among all the national team of HK.
I myself was absent in this race but I can still feel all the happiness from the race photos on http://www.fotop.net/sonicsports/2008_05_10Triathlon and also the Sonic Facebook page. Some more photos have just recently been published on HK Sports Photography Association http://www.hkspa.org/showGallery.php?L=C&albumID=517
Well done everyone and let's keep up the good work!!
Duathlon Race 2 at Science Park
This is the 2nd Duathlon race with same format and venue remains at Science Park to make this a good opportunities to compare your time or improvement since January! The overall particplants are more faster than race one, the 21k bike race is as important as the strong run legs to keep yourself competitive in the field. The first 3k run with fast transition set people into difference peloton; To stay with the leading pack you need power and skills, to chase the front pack you need to work with each other among the pack....the real race is always the last run leg for 3k completely on your own, no aero no bling, fair enough!
Our France duo Sebastien and Frederic got top 10 in AG 30-34; Kent Wong ranked 5th in the AG 35-39 battlefield; YingHo, Tsang Hon Ming and Eric ranked 6th, 7th, 8th in a row in AG 45-49; Sonic Girls dominated AG 20-29 but most of them in AG 30-39 DNS.
Some photos already on Facebook but we still have a lot of pictures from our friend fireman Mak Chi Chung camera and I will get it shortly.
Sonic Girls Power!
We have a steady grow in our membership, especially ladies! Our ladies membership is growing from 24% last year to 28% as of this month! They are all very active in training and racing! Some are podium contender and some are just beginner triatheletes, all in all they are all having fun! Poud of it!
Aquathon Race 2 at Kowloon Tsai Park
Once again reminding that TriA Aquathon race 2 enrollment start now! Anyone want to do this race via group entry please let me or Kenneth know on or before 15 June, remember to indicate the course and payment receipt at HKD80.
It's morning race for juniors and kids, afternoon race for age-groupers, swim in the pool and run around the park, detail information on www.triathlon.com.hk
Juniors or kids:
Course A: Swim 100 + 1.5k run
Course B: swim 200 + 2.9k run
Course C: swim 200 + 2.9k run
Course D: swim 500 + 4.3k run
Course E: swim 200 + 2.9k run
Club kits/Trisuit ordering
Any of you would like to order any team kits or team Trisuit please send me order form on or before 30/6, expected lead time take 1 month. Order form on Sonic website > Sonic Files
HK ITU date change to 17-18 Oct
The annual biggest triathlon event Hong Kong International Triathlon will be held on 17-18 October, remains at Disneyland, Lautau Island.
After collecting all the feedback and learning the experience from last year, HKTriA is working hard on several improvement. Keep an eyes on www.triathlon.com.hk for further announcement!
At the same time we should target this event as a major race in HK, set a goal for yourself, let me or Kenneth know if you would like to take part in relay and need help in finding some legs.
Tong Dau Yen - the long distance training group
Some of us know it and training with this group, there is another mailing list found by a group of local long distance triathlon enthusiasts. Click below to know more about it.
Inclement Weather/ Conditions Warnings for Sunday training
Remember our guideline in place for Sonic Sunday training, you can always find it from http://sites.sonicsports.org.hk/Home/sonic-training
If Typhoon Signal No.8 or above is hoisted at any time from 12:00 noon on the day before training, the brick training & transport arrangement will be cancelled. If the Typhoon Signal No.3 / Amber Rainstorm/ Red Rainstorm/ Black Rainstorm/ Thunderstorm/ Landslide warning be hoisted at any time after 05:30 on brick training morning, the brick training & transport arrangement will be cancelled.

Please check the brick training day weather from the Hong Kong Observatory (Tel: 1878066) or contact Kenneth Yip or Charles Hui for more information.
Upcoming races
28 June: Aquathon 2, Kowloon Tsai
28 June: Bali Triathlon (EdwinC, Sebastien, Sususa, Adelyn, Elsie will do this!)
4 July: 2.2k Open Water Swim Shek O Challenge
12 July: 1.4k Deep Water Ocean Swim
26 July: 70.3 Putrajaya
2 August: TriA Sprint Triathlon at Science Park
23 August: 70.3 Philippines
29 August: Paris Triathlon (Sebastien and Jean Mong will do this)
3 October: Taitung 123 (2km swim, 100km bike, 21km run)
4 October: Taitung 51.5 (Olympic distance)
18 October: HK ITU (Sonic target race)
15 November: Nike 10k
6 December: Phuket Triathlon
Better prioritization in the race season and train safe.