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Club NEWSletter - July 2010

posted Aug 8, 2010, 7:34 AM by TeamSonic Secretary
Hi all Sonic Ladies and Gentlemen,

The summer is here! The sun is really shining after the rain.
By the time I write this piece, the tempature outside was 32-33C, oh that's really a good way to test your mental toughness for training!
Another good idea is to stay at home with air condition and TV, since World Cup semi-final and the Tour De France just begin!
No matter what the Sonic training don't stop. HK Triathlon and Ironman Taiwan is just 3 months to go!

Training Reminder
Wan Chai Sports Ground annual closure start from 17 Jul - 19 Sept ref: http://www.hkaaa.com/hkaaa/Timetable%20of%20Evening%20Training_2010-6-28.pdf
Our Monday and Wednesday age-group training will be arranged as below;
Mon 8pm-10pm: 2hrs Swim at Wan Chai Training Pool
Wed 8pm-10pm: 2hrs Run at Happy Valley running track
Sun 7:30am-10:30am Swim/Bike/Run brick training at Shek O
effective from 17 Jul - 19 Sept

27 June: Splash n Dash 2 (1.5k swim + 10k run)
It was the weekend with pouring rain pausing our action, except for the aquathoner register for Splash'N Dash race in Shatin!
We have number of Sonic done this and our Aquathon queen Janice Lee remains top 2 in this series! Good Work!

10 July: Shek O Challenge

The annual 2.2k swim event from Big Wave Bay to Shek O now extend to a party including swim, run, paddle and BBQ at back beach in Shek O! Check this out!
This should be a pleasure swim given the strong sunshine and south wind over this weekend.

11 July: TriA Aquathon Repulse Bay
TriA is doing something new in aquathon format, this time we still swim 500m and 5k run, and adding another 500m swim before the finish!
I believe most of us enroll this race already! See you there!

21 July: Titan Duathon
Titian is organizing their first race and welcoming everyone to register, it's 3k run, 30k bike, 3k run. And you need to do 10 laps in bike course.
Check out www.titantriathlon.com, contact Kenneth by 7th July if you want to enroll it.

1 August: TriA Sprint Triathlon Shatin
There is a rumur flying around saying the Shatin Sciene Park will no longer allow cycling due to the nearby construction is kicking start. So any races in Science Park will not happening after 1 or 2 years?
Anyway, Sprint Tri registration already open! Hope to see many of you racing with Sonic trisuit!

Girls-ONLY Training Camp!
BPM-Sports is organizing a Girls Only Training Camp at Bintan Island during 20-22 August lead by 12 times Ironman Champion Belinda Granger.
Gigi will join this camp and see if any girls interested in please contact Gigi soon, she will submit entry by 8th July. Attached with the camp detail.

Upcoming Races
10 July Shek O Challenge
11 July: Aquathon 3 (500m swim + 5k run + 500m swim)
21 July: Titan Duathlon (3k run + 30k bike + 3k run)
1 August: Sprint Triathlon
5 September: Aquathon 4
19 September: Splash n Dash Aquathon
10 October: Splash n Dash Aquathon
26 October: HK Triathlon
30 October: Taiwan 70.3 Ironman
31 October: Bay 2 Bay swim (2k)
28 November: Laguna Phuket Triathlon

Stay cool stay hydrated.