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Club NEWSletter - January 2010

posted Jan 14, 2010, 6:34 AM by TeamSonic Secretary
Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

Running Track re-open
The Wan Chai track re-open so we back to the track!

HKTriA AGM + Annual Awards

Everyone should received the HKTriA e-newsletter Tri-Talk, reminding everyone for the AGM and Annual Awards present on coming Saturday!
Date: January 9, 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 3:30pm
Venue: School Hall, Diocesan Boys' School

Our Sonic own TriA Vice President Philip Penaloza's two years of service in HKTriA expired but he is very keen to continue his duty and he would like to re-elect as Vice President of TriA and he is calling everyone from Sonic for a vote! Here comes his message;

"My platform of program for the term:
1. Complete the new Triathlon HK logo redesign project (Will be launched mid 2010!).
2. Promote the new logo in co-branding partnerships with commercial sponsors
3. Train TRI HK Secretariat  to be marketing focused
4. Win more commercial sponsorships for Triathlon HK ITU and all events.
5. Change the shortened form of the Association's name to "Triathlon HK" or "TRI HK" in all correspondence, instead of HKTriA. The official & legal name still remains "The Hong Kong Triathlon Association LImited".

I will be in Kaoshiung Taiwan on business from Jan 8-10, so I would appreciate everyone's show of support at the AGM on Jan 9, 2010.
Mnay thanks and regards,

Another one of our member Andrew Loong is also very keen to run for election as Hon Secretary so as to contribute and providing legal advise on his professional prospective to HKTriA. He always needs support from everybody.

Awards for 2009 race series will also be presented to some of our members such as Ivan, Sebastien, Stephanie, Kent.....

please visit www.triathlon.com.hk for detail.

23 January: Triangle Swim - 1500m at Deep Water Bay
Some of you may notice this swimming event organized by Open Water Swim Club of Hong Kong by Loyd Mcbean, he is one of the best Open Water swimmer in HK and here is the swim event on 23/1, small amount of fee apply $30 and NO SUPPORT CRAFT remember! But it will be a good open water practise with wetsuit.

Deep Water Bay Triangle Swim
23rd January - 1.5k
Host – Open Water Swim Club of Hong Kong
Registration 2pm Deep Water Bay (Next to VCR Club)
Pre Race Briefing 2.55pm
Race Start 3pm - Water Start
Finish Deep Water Bay (Next to VCR Club)
Cource - 1.5k See attached Map

What you need to bring Brightly coloured Swim Cap , bottle water ,
Wetsuits Are recommended, Your Gear We will have security
Cost $30.00
Volunteers We need - bag watcher,time recorders etc
Things to Remember No Support Craft ,
Times will be recorded.

Confirmation ianpolson@netvigator.com

24 January: Duathlon 1 at Shatin Science Park
This year I would like to simplify the race registration process for the team so I would ask everyone to make use of the online registration platform of HKTriA, hopefully it would help to leverage the workload of Sonic Club Secretary, but we hope it would NOT mean to discourage the number of participation in the race. Hope everyone understand.

However, if you're really prefer the old paper and pen way, Kenneth will still help you to do the race enrollment for the time being.

Duathlon 1 will be 5k run, 30k bike, 5k run at Science Park, check out triathlon.com.hk for detail please. 

Upcoming races:

10 January: Mizuno Half-Marathon
24 January: Duathlon 1
7 February: Off-Road Triathlon
28 February: HK 10k/Half/Full Marathon
14 March: Ironman China/70.3
21 March: Ironman Singapore 70.3
21 March: Duathlon 2
11 April: Aquathon 1
9 May: Age-Group Triathlon
30 May: Aquathon 2
11 July: Aquathon 3
1 August: Sprint Triathlon
5 September: Aquathon 4
28 November: Laguna Phuket Triathlon

Sorry this is a very short one, life is busy, I will try my best to keep everyone update.

And the following message is still valid!!

A separate notes: I'd like to invite one or two helping hands to work on the behind-the-scene tasks such as club kits ordering, TriA group entry and newsletter articles or reporting, please email me if you're interested to explore other part of your skill.