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Club NEWSletter - Feburary

posted Feb 13, 2010, 1:53 AM by TeamSonic Secretary
Dear all Sonic ladies and gentlemen,

Dai Ka Ho!

Tie The Knot!
January was full of joy and celebration, also a new start for everyone for a better, busier year, and new page of life for our Coach Kenneth & Yoji, the wedding banquant celebration is the biggest and huge re-union of old and new members of the club! Our another banker Thomas & Zoe wedding banquant was followed one week later! Let's wish these two newlyweds all the best and live with full of joy and happiness.

G'day Mate! Jacky Boy!

Our junior Jacky-boy-Lam is moving on his study at Queensland, Australia. He departed right after the day of his coach wedding, hope he settles down fine and pick up his sports and study soon.
Follow him on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/jackybarby?ref=ts
24 January: Duathlon 1
The first race of the season kicked off on 24 Jan, a cold morning for 5k run, 28k bike, 5k run at Science Park. Well done Natalie as a first timer! Also Michal, Grace, and Billy for the top 3. Junior side, Michael Lam and Kong Yan Pun also done very well as Champion finish!

Sonic Training Camp and Time Trial 1 (re-schedule)
We need to apologize to those of you looking forward to our Training Camp in March and also arrived Shek O on 7th Feb for the Time Trial, the time trial was called off due to the heavy rain and thunderstorm. We need to re-schedule these two events.
Training Camp at Easter
We are re-scheduling our Training Camp on Easter holiday and we will highly possible to remain staying in Zhuhai for cycling & running, hopefully I can confirm all the detail by the end of Feb.

Time Trial 1
Our early season Time Trial is re-scheduled on 7 March, at Shek O, 8km run for age-groupers and 4km run for juniors.

We hope these two re-scheduling would bring benefit to everyone, maybe under better weather, back to HK, picking up form after Ironman races...etc.

21 February: Duathlon 2 (Sonic Time Trial 2)
Duathlon Race 2 will follow right after the Chinese New Year holiday for us to burn off all those carrot cakes and huge family dinners, it will remain at Shatin Science Park for 5k run + 28k bike + 5k run or half distance.
Same as last year, we put this as Sonic Time Trial ranking so any of us do this race will earn point for the Sonic series.

21 February: Long Distance Aquathon
The first long distance aquathon by Revolution Asia at To Tei Wan, Tai Tam, on the same morning of Duathlon 2.
The swim course will be 2 or 3 times of 1k loop, run will be on part of the HK Trail, flat road along the catchwater.
Full - 3km swim & 28km run
Half - 2km swim & 14km run

You can also just do the 2k swim and skip the run. And this race only open to adult at age 18 or above.

Check out revolution-asia.com for detail.

and more....TriA Duathlon 3 and Aquathon 1
Yes! TriA new mission of 2010 obviously is to get thing sort out and done as soon as possible! Race enrollment for March and April Duathlon and Aquathon STARTED already and DO NOT miss the deadline!! Check out www.triathlon.com.hk and do online registration.

Ironman China, Ironman Singapore 70.3
Who's who and doing which?!
Kent Wong, Joey-Lynn Musselman and Michal Bucek will jump for the Ironman China full version, for ticket to Kona!! Grace Wong will jump for the 70.3 version.
That "W" swim course is creative! And forget about the weather.

One week later for Singapore 70.3, it will be another battlefield over 1000 to fight for the PB, our Christopher Tong there, Kenneth Yip here, Billy Chow, Bernard Ho, Philip Penaloza also there, Susana Campuzano, Zhu Dandan and Sebastien Stoffel will have their first attempting 70.3! Joey-Lynn Musselman will also do this maybe after 1 week of post Ironman ice-bath?!

TriA Group Entry for Sonic
All members of age-groupers, juniors and our supportive parents:
Start from this year, we would highly recommend all of our members to enroll the TriA races by making use of TriA online registration platform.
It's simpler, faster, zero mistake and no bottleneck on Kenneth and myself.
And of course you need to complete the membership registration and renewal process first.
各親愛而又熱心的會員們,家長們請留意: 今年開始請大家善用總會的網上平台作比賽登記,

Wish everyone enjoy the festive season, enjoy the holiday, and Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!

Upcoming races:

21 February: TriA Duathlon 2 AND Long Distance Aquathon
28 February: HK 10k/Half/Full Marathon AND Tokyo Marathon
14 March: Ironman China/70.3
21 March: Ironman Singapore 70.3 AND TriA Duathlon 3
11 April: Aquathon 1
9 May: Age-Group Triathlon
30 May: Aquathon 2
11 July: Aquathon 3
1 August: Sprint Triathlon
5 September: Aquathon 4
28 November: Laguna Phuket Triathlon