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Club NEWSletter - August 2009

posted Jul 23, 2009, 11:33 PM by TeamSonic Secretary

Hi all Sonic ladies and gentlemen,

July Roundup
12 July Deep Water Ocean Swim
26 July Sonic Aquathon Time Trial
2 August: HKTriA Sprint Triathlon at Science Park and OSIM Singapore Triathlon
Training in August
Team Sonic Junior Prolong Aquathon Training Course
Ben Bright is now coaching for the Team GB!
IHP Triathlon Training Camp at Hokkaido
Club Kits/Team Tri-suit for HKITU
HIGH5 Group order
絕版珍藏!!! 三個鐵人的故事!!! The story of three Sonic veterans!!!
Upcoming races

July Roundup
12 July Deep Water Ocean Swim
About 370 open water swimmers hitted the Middle Island for the swim alone the channel and turn right to Deep Water Bay finish, L shape swim course, we were pretty easy to swim with the current in the first few hundreds but the rest of the course was in mixed swells.
Good work that morning especially for Janice Lee ranked 4th and Ronald Lam ranked top 3! Result is out on revolution-asia.com.
26 July Sonic Aquathon Time Trial
It was a super perfect morning to do time trial on Shek O with the light south wind made the beach very calm for everyone to record a fast swim split! 4 laps swim on Shek O beach was quite physical if you really did dolphin jumping in & out of the water and chasing butts for 4 times!!!
This course setting hopefully could give chance to stronger swimmers to score more points while those strong runners may push more effort to chase!

The current ranking update and publish on the following link, take a look!
Top 3 men so far:
1st: Sebastien Stoffel 89pt
2nd: Eric Chan 73pt
3rd: Kent Wong 69pt

Top 3 ladies so far:
1st: Stephanie Bina 36pt
2nd: Ho Sau Yee 34pt
3rd: Susana Campuzano 24pt
Update ranking HERE
Does it mean forever? NO! We have two more to go!
Next one we should have 40k bike individual time trial
Finally we should also have the last one Sprint Triathlon time trial before the HK ITU.
Keep an eyes on Sonic forum!
2 August: HKTriA Sprint Triathlon at Science Park and OSIM Singapore Triathlon
Hot! Hot! Really Hot! It was 34C in the morning but nothing stop us in the Sprint Triathlon at Science Park, it was a 750m swim in the very warm Tolo Harbour, 7 laps riding for 21k bike and 3 laps run on the road. Welcome Michal Bucek back to the field and remains strongly standing on the podium for his AG champion, while our un-trained Kenneth ranked 3rd and Ivan Yeung ranked 5th in AG 25-29; More competitive group in 35-39 we have Oliver Baillet secured a place on podium as 3rd after race against some of the top age-groupers in HK, within the field, Richard Yong ranked 7th and Kent Wong ranked 8th, while first timer Yvan Como finished at 1:18:20 ranked 17th out of 35, very good, yes we have more member from France;
Male 45-49 podium was for Sonic veteran, we have Lee YingHo ranked 2nd and Eric Chan ranked 3rd after the hard game!
On ladies side, most of the Sonic ladies seemed to be having some setback except for Stephanie Bina and Susan Campuzano remains strong in the field, Stephanie ranked 2nd after her summer break from the states, while Susana ranked 8th after she rode and ran with only single eye open; (She got eye allergy after completing the swim and she was sent to hospital right after the race. She's fine now and taking a break, let it heal.) Some nice photos by Ryan Tan already on Sonic photo album www.fotop.net/sonicsports Many thanks to his hard work under the heat!
On the same morning, some of us also completed another heat event OSIM Singapore Triathlon at East Coast Singapore, well done Ren, Su-mei and Neil.

Training in August
Since the running track maintenance until 20 September, training on Monday and Wednesday remains unchange.
Team Sonic Junior Prolong Aquathon Training Course
Thanks to the effort by coach Kenneth and Rockson, our junior squad was successfully developed and they will start doing some aquathon races in this season!
The prolong junior training will keep going from September, more detail to announce shortly!
Ben Bright is now the coach for the Team GB!
The former assistant coach of HK national triathlon team Ben Bright is now heading the Talent Confirmation for Team GB, he coached Tim Don to his ITU Triathlon World Championship victory. Here is the press released from British Triathlon: http://www.britishtriathlon.org/news/article.php?id=9100 or Wiki Ben Bright for more information.
We're very lucky that we can still read those training tips left by Ben, from HKSI website: http://www.hksi.org.hk/function/triathlon/ click on "Coaching Hints"

IHP Triathlon Training Camp at Hokkaido

IHP is organizing a triathlon training camp for 4D3N from 16-20 September.
The training camp will be headed by Kevin Clark, the core IHP coaches like AM, Fenella, and our Kenneth Yip will also assist during the training camp.
They are inviting us to join the training camp, please look at the following website for the detail. http://www.nisekotri.com/Niseko_Tri_Camp_09/Tri_Camp.html
Any questions please go to Camp Director, Annemarie Munk (aka AM) at am_munk@mac.com, or call 9074.7972

Application deadline: 28 of August.
It seems to be the most well organized, strucutural and professional triathlon training camp I've seen in HK. I also made a post on the Sonic forum for discussion.

Club Kits/Team Tri-suit for HKITU
Anyone want to order any club kits, or Team Trisuit for upcoming races like HKITU, give me the order form and payment receipt on or before 16 August, I'm collecting order now!!
Order form can be found on Sonic website.
HIGH5 Group order
Start from August, HIGH5 only accept bulk order. I will help to collect your order form and cheque at the moment, all stuffs will be delivered to Victory Cycling Workshop in bulk.
絕版珍藏!!! 三個鐵人的故事!!! The story of three Sonic veterans!!!
What did you do in ten years ago? Drinking? Clubbing? Karaoke from 9 to 5?
Don't you ever think Triathlon is a life time sports?
It's almost ten years, attached here is the newspaper dated 20 March, year 2000! The triathlon story of three Sonic veterans, Simon Lau, Eric Chan and Brian Lee, they are still doing the sports today, still very fit as 9 years ago and finish the race in top ten! They are the evergreen! Enjoy! (Thanks Simon Lau contributing this newspaper cut)

Upcoming races
16 August: HKTriA Repulse Bay Aquathon
23 August: 70.3 Philippines
29 August: Paris Triathlon (Sebastien and Jean Mong will do this)
6 September: Splash n Dash Aquathon 1
3 October: Taitung 123 (2km swim, 100km bike, 21km run)
4 October: Taitung 51.5 (Olympic distance, we have small team of Sonic will go for this!)
4 October: Splash n Dash Aquathon 2
4 October: HKASA Open Water Swim (3500m or 600m)
18 October: HK ITU (Sonic target race)
1 November: Splash n Dash Aquathon 3
15 November: Nike 10k
29 November: UNICEF 3k/10k/21k Run
6 December: Phuket Triathlon
14 March: Ironman China/70.3
21 March: Ironman Singapore 70.3
Anyone want to share your article or contribute to the future Sonic newsletter no matter it's a health advisory, race report and training report, please email me.