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Club NEWSletter - April 2009

posted Apr 22, 2009, 2:28 AM by TeamSonic Secretary
Hi all Sonic Ladies and Gentlemen!
In this issue, I will include...
Club T-shirt, Trisuit
Aquathon 1
Ironman China
Duathlon 2
Duathlon 3
Warren & Partners Physiotherapy Centre
Club positioning within HKTriA systems
Singapore Ironman 70.3 highlight
Tokyo Marathon highlight

Club T-shirt
Your long waiting Club T-shirt, Trisuit will be arriving and accepting order in April!!
Club T-shirt is free for all register Sonic member in year 2009, they are in production and should be arrived around the Easter holiday, stay tuned!!
Team Sonic Trisuit
Another exciting news for our Trisuit, we will have two set of Team Sonic Trisuit for everyone order;
2 piece version will be aims at long course triathlon races;
We have around 10 tough souls already ordered for Ironman China and they are waiting for the delivery on 15 April!! Time is tight just like how they are hungry for the race!!
1 piece version will be aims at short course triathlon races (ITU legal);
Champion-System (CS) remains our Team Sonic official triathlon/cycling appeals supplier, the material we selected as our Team trisuit is the top of the line Elite Trisuit, both suits are made from CS exclusive Elite Tek Lycra, a performance fabric that is not only breathable and water repellent, but also incredibly fast drying. widely selected for the national team triathletes such as Spain, Ireland, Swiss, Syria, and also our own Sonic Elite Andrew Wright! The design and logo placement of 1 piece trisuit is ITU legal, ready for any of us if you're going to race the ITU Elite, or Age-Group World Championship in Seoul or Gold Coast this year!!
Of course, Country name and Family name print out is absolutely optional as you can indicate on the order form. Both Trisuit are ready to order, lead time would be around 4 weeks.
See this for the Champion-System sponsored Trisuit:
Attached with the design of the Trisuit and T-shirt. (some minor adjustment on trisuit to be released)
Tri-Top: HKD500
Tri-Short: HKD500
1 piece Trisuit: HKD1000 (HKD900 if order on or before 7 April Tuesday 23:59)
Send me the form now if you want it for coming Age-Group Triathlon in May!!!
Aquathon 1
Kick off the swim and run in coming Sunday at South Bay! 2k run and 540m swim and again 2k run!
Race information, startlist, schedule, course map already on www.triathlon.com.hk
Points to notes:
1. Transition area this time would be at South Bay car park
2. Shuttle bus from Repulse Bay start from 0600-1000 in every 20mins, 1 way only
3. Everybody please pay HKD10 to Kenneth for race insurance fee as I forget to mention it....
Ironman China
In spite of the "hot like hell" comment from last year Ironman China, 21 tough souls from Team Sonic are preparing for the challenge on 19 April, 70.3 and full Ironman on the same day! Are you ready to roll??
Let's look at the Sonic line up!
  • Our head coach Kenneth Yip trains like an animal despite the illness of his mother, see how will he conquer the hot 21k run and re-claim his glory when his professional triathlete life filed history.
  • Jacky M, every second count! This experience guy 200% focus, ready for his first ever full Ironman race!
  • Olivier B, an experience Ironman and 70.3 finisher, he decide to fight back after his poor run time at Singapore 70.3
  • Joey-Lynn, experience Ironman and 70.3 finisher, recently crowned champion in her age-group at Singapore 70.3, taking it easy and want to give all Sonic teammates a cheers on the run!
  • Kent Wong, our TriA president, is he going to carry the blackberry and stay connect with his business on the run??
  • Husband and Wife relay team by George and Teresa,
  • Sonic girls relay team by Evangeline Q, Adelyn C and Elsie L!
  • GigiW, recently burn out from her busy work, super undertrained, gaining back all her motivation and fitness by buying new triathlon clothes, bike accessories and running shoes....
  • Shek O Lifeguard Yee, she like making cakes and also pouring her money in super bling bling bike parts and wheels, she must be FAST!
  • Chung, Brain and Dr. Tong, they are dare enough to re-visit Ironman China but not willing to repeat the fault. They train very hard!
  • Valter S, he just started his triathlon training 2 months ago, this 70.3 is his first ever triathlon race!
  • Also Bernard and Billy, Dominic Y, Larry K, James S.....
Duathlon 2
Duathlon Race 2 was postponed to 31 May due to Thunderstorm warning!
Duathlon 3
Duathlon Race 3 will be at Bride Pool Road for some rolling ride and hilly run! on 25 April.
Anyone want to sign up via club entry please contact me or Kenneth on or before 15/4 Wednesday.
This is a tough one: 5k run / 30k bike /5k run, be prepare!!
Warren & Partners Physiotherapy Centre
For members by member! We proudly receive the discount offer from Warren & Partners Physiotherapy Centre!
The offer will be 15% off from the consultation fee include all treatment modalities in all of the Warren & Partner Physiotherapy Centres but the discount is not apply on acupuncture.
They have four centres (Whampoa, Quarry Bay, Tsuen Wan, Tsim Sha Tsui). Just call in the respective Physiotherapy Centre number for appointment, the staff will verify your Sonic membership with the membership list on our website when you claimed for the discount.
Thanks Alex Ho for the link up.
Alex Ho is the member of Sonic, he is a register Physiotherapist, also a lecturer in Sports Management in one of the territorial education institutes in HK.
Club positioning within HKTriA systems
Everybody knows Energetic-Shatin and Titan Triathlon are dominating the 1st and 2nd rank among HKTriA systems, they put all the resources in junior/youth development, fighting for the facilities in Shatin area...While we, Sonic are siting on the peaceful land of HK, and holding tight for the 3rd rank in the recent years by the success with everyone, the age-group triathletes support in the HKTriA races.
It still a bit early to say, however, in 2009, there are some new triathlon club setup or revamp their flag. Tung Chung Triathlon Club is the one of the up and coming, they were found by a group of serious age-groupers, they are ranking 4th after Duathlon 1. Everybody let's work hard!
Singapore Ironman 70.3 highlight
22 March, we have three Sonicians raced the Singapore 70.3 and they are all very good!
Olivier Baillet in 5:07 (35' swim, 2:32 bike, 1:57 walk-jog) as quoted in his email.
Dr. Christopher Tong in 5:15 (40' swim, 2:30 bike, 1:59 run)
Joey-Lynn in 5:38 (43' swim, 3:04 bike, 1:46 run), .......her age-group champion!!!

Our guest speaker Kevin Clark: 4:24 (30' swim, 2:24 bike, 1:26 run) flying fast also age-group champion!! 
They will also do Ironman China 70.3, watch out!!
Tokyo Marathon highlight
On the same morning of 22 March, group of Sonicians tour the Tokyo downtown also completed the Marathon! Namely Alan, Albert, EdwinC, Arthur and Johnny, see their action of marathon and....
Okay, life is short, not to talk, Saturday ride on 4/4, Aquathon on Sunday, Easter block training series, Ironman China, Duathlon 3, Age-Group Triathlon in May!! Let's go!!
We should make some big big post-race party after all these series of workout!! Anyone?!?!