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ClubNEWS - December 2009

posted Jan 14, 2010, 6:33 AM by TeamSonic Secretary
Hi all Sonic ladies and gentlemen,
There is little delay on this delivery because the Chief Editor Charles Hui and Assistant Editor C.Hui just back to the Sonic Editorial office from Thai race and holiday.
Here we go!
8 November: TriA Aquathon 4 (Repulse Bay)
The last minutes change of venue from Tuen Mum to Repulse Bay made this race more transport-friendly especially for Islander however, this last Aquathon race of this long season didn't attract too much age-groupers, while the atmosphere on junior categories remain competitive and inter-school alike. Recapping the result, F25-29 is still the world of Stephanie Bina; on men's field, Leung Chin Fung did a pretty good warm up for ShenZhen Triathlon and ranked 3rd for M20-24, Michal Bucek outrun Zecco Wan of Titan and crowned champion on M25-29, Sonic growth Ivan Yeung 3rd, coach Kenneth Yip 4th; M30-34 we have Sebastien Stoffel for 2nd, this is the year of this Frenchman, he becomes a podium contender in 2009!
Juniors side we also have Lam's sister and brother Michael Lam ranked 2nd for Boys 1997, sister Elizabeth Lam ranked 3rd for Girls 1994.
F25-29 1st Stephanie Bina
M20-24 3rd Leung Chin Fung
M25-29 1st Michal Bucek
M25-29 3rd Ivan Yeung
M25-29 4th Kenneth Yip
M30-34 2nd Sebastien Stoffel
Boys1997 2nd Michael Lam
Girls1994 3rd Elizabeth Lam
Also thanks all the strong core who done this last TriA race of the year they are Yvan, Eric, Kent, Frederic, Leo, John, OliviaC, Charles, Gigi, Ryan, Susana, Thomas, Evan and Philip!
15 November: HK 10k Challenge
That freezing morning was shared by three difference events so the HK 10k this year wasn't too popular for our members but some of us like Ivan, Brian, Christopher Tong, Newton, Sebastien and Stephanie still want to do this 10k run time trial!
The fastest man from Sonic should be Sebastien Stoffel in 38:26;
The fastest lady from Sonic should be Stephanie Bina in 47:18;
15 November: ShenZhen Triathlon
Crossing the bridge from Tin Shu Wan, at Shekou, ShenZhen, about ten of us, Billy, Yingho, Charles, Gigi, Philip, Kenneth, Simon, EdwinW... had a weekend escape to Shekou for this bloody oily greasy ShenZhen Triathlon where swim 1.5k at F1 speedboat race course, bike 40k on wide open flat road with 10k run after. Keeping the long story short, we can swim the cold dark oily ShenZhen lake we can swim everywhere! I've posted my report on the forum; I shouldn't say my preference here but doing Duathlon there makes more scene unless you really need that price money!
15 November: Bay2Bay 2k swim
Going back down to the south of the beautiful HK Island, it didn't sound too much difference from the feedback of the girls?! Because of the red-tide attacking the water condition wasn't nice as usual at the same time of the year, but it still a great chance for us to attempt the open water swim distance beyond 1.5k, it's a 2k swim event from Repulse Bay to Deep Water Bay, as long as the event filled with triathletes, it also filled with our people, namely Susana, Su-mei, Arnoud, Leo, Janice, Evan, Lyn, Mark Collins....good enough to prepare Phuket Tri!
22 November: Sonic End Of Season Time Trial (40k cycling)
One week after, we had the last training race of the year, it was the last stage of the Sonic Time Trial, it was the 40k pure individual time trial on cycling, someone do this for winning the title, someone do this to test their time trial machine, someone do this to chase other butts!!
Thanks 17 of us (we expected more) queueing for the 10secs interval start in that morning, Billy Chow is the fastest man on the bike despite L4 head wind, Christopher Tong first appearance at Sonic Time Trial and closely behind Billy, Kent Wong on new CEEPO bike after.
The result showing the time trial bike RULES that morning! (But we expect anyone with road bike win to prove performance?!)
29 November: UNICEF 3k/10k/21k Run
UNICEF Run for Charity became another popular running event for everybody, especially this year the fund raised go to the rebuilding project in Sichuan.
I didn't hear much from the others but good work from Ivan Wong and Raymond Sitou!
29 November: Sonic 6th Anniversary End of Season Party
We had a wonderful evening at Shek O to celebrate the end of this long season of year 2009, it is also part of the Sonic traditional as the biggest social gathering of the year.
Year 2009 was filled with lot of difference local and oversea races from Duathlon series, Macao Training Camp, Time Trial Series, Ironman China preparation Seminar by Kevin Clark, Ironman China, Aquathon, IHP Eliminator Challenge, HK ITU, Taiwan Triathlon, Phuket Triathlon....all the pain and sweat, fun and laugh and of course our all season long training by coach Kenneth.
This year, we had made some trophies for the top 3 ladies and men in our Time Trial series, we also had presented an awards to the four outstanding Sonic ladies and men, this is the first time for the club to present awards to her members and I hope to keep this as a tradition carry on to next coming years.
Award of Excellent in performance and participation in Sonic training and events: Susana Campuzano
Award of Excellent in the hard work and achievement in Ironman China: Jacky Mak 
Award of Excellent in performance and participation in HKTriA races: Kent Wong, Stephanie Bina
Time Trial series awards:
For the overall Male Champion: Sebastien Stoffel 100pt
Male 1st runner up: Kent Wong 83pt
Male 2nd runner up: Eric Chan 82pt
For the overall Female Champion: Stephanie Bina 43pt
Female 1st runner up: Susana Campuzano 36pt
Female 2nd runner up: Shek O Ho Sau Yee 34pt
Everyone, enjoy the photos from the party evening at www.fotop.net/sonicsports and let's keep moving in the off season, next year is your year!
6 December: Laguna Phuket Triathlon
Sawadee Ka! More than twenty of us arriving Laguna Phuket in the 1st week of December for this end of season race!! I was with the group of 15 sharing two villa at Laguna Outrigger village arranged by Edwin Chiam and Ren Ho, it's always fun to group together for all the bike setup, pre-race workout, course pre-viewing, "thai-carbo-loading" before the race day!
The race is fun! 950 Triathletes from difference part of the world altogether doing 1.8k swim, 55k bike and 12k run in the morning, chilling out in the pool after the race, pool side massages, party in the men's villa, next day morning in the girls' villa with master French Chief Fred are everything I could summarise my trip at Phuket!
I don't go into detail for race result as it's more like a holiday race people don't care about it too much, but the official result already posted on race day afternoon at http://www.lagunaphukettriathlon.com/ ;
At the time you are reading some of the photos from Sonic Facebook pages, I'm also expecting some write-up from you! Khorb Koon!
Registration for Laguna Phuket Triathlon (LPT 2010) already OPEN!!
Sonic Recap 2009 
Team Sonic Trisuit - DONE
Sonic on Facebook - DONE
Macao Training Camp - DONE
Ironman China and seminar - DONE
Sonic Junior Development - DONE and still doing it!
Sonic Time Trial Series - DONE
Sonic Coach development - DONE and still doing it!
TaiTung Triathlon - DONE
HKTriA Club Overall Ranking: 3rd
We have a pretty good achievement in the year 2009 despite everyone was working in the tougher economy condition, we need more room to take up sports for a breath!
Sonic is 6 years-old now! The triathlon club is still actively running in the local and Asia triathlon community, the triathlon club that grow from 15 founding members in 2003 to 146 members with the mix of local and expat as of today;
Our M to F ratio is still 76% to 24%
Nationality distribution:
61.6% HKG
5.5% GBR
4.8% sharing with FRA, CHN, SIN and USA
Thanks everyone for all the support alone the year.
Sonic Outlook 2010
  • In 2010, our goal remains to promote the sports of triathlon to everyone, we remains an affiliate club of HKTriA.
  • All of our team kit, cycling kits, Team Trisuit remains unchange for the year 2010.
  • All of our Time Trial series format, timing remains unchange, tentative schedule will send out shortly
  • Training Class Payment scheme remains unchange.
  • Training Camp target to be a 5D4N in the 1st weekend of March in Taiwan, more detail shortly.
  • Singapore Ironman 70.3: many discussion happening and our coach Kenneth is training for it?!?!?!
  • Laguna Phuket Triathlon 2010: many 1st timers already enrolled for 2nd time!
  • Sonic Triathlon Coach development: Anyone interested to be a triathlon coach please email to me or Kenneth, we will keep an eyes when there is Level One coaching course.
Messages from HKTriA
Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Hong Kong Triathlon Association will take place on Saturday, 9 January 2010 at the school hall, Diocesan Boys’ School, 131 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon at 3:30 pm, according to Articles of HKTriA, the following members will retire by rotation and, being eligible, may stand for re-election: Philip Peñaloza (Vice President); Timothy Hallworth (Hon. Secretary); Armando Osmani (Member) and Derek Wong (Member); Nominations for these positions are now invited.
If any of our members would like to contribute and take part in the organisation of HKTriA, you can submit the nomination and it would be nice to inform Kenneth and myself for information.
More information at HKTriA website.
Membership Renewal for Sonic + HKTriA for 2010
As a reminder, it's time to renew the annual membership; forms and procedure please go to: http://sites.sonicsports.org.hk/Home/membership 
I am still working in IFC2, Central until end of this month, you can send me forms and payment within office hours by person, or during training at Wan Chai or Happy Valley;
If you don't want to see me you can e-transfer the payment to Sonic a/c and scan me the membership forms, or send everything to Sonic P.O.BOX.
Upcoming races:
10 January: Mizuno Half-Marathon
24 January: Duathlon 1
7 February: Off-Road Triathlon
28 February: HK 10k/Half/Full Marathon
14 March: Ironman China/70.3
21 March: Ironman Singapore 70.3
21 March: Duathlon 2
11 April: Aquathon 1
9 May: Age-Group Triathlon
30 May: Aquathon 2
11 July: Aquathon 3
1 August: Sprint Triathlon
5 September: Aquathon 4
28 November: Laguna Phuket Triathlon
Enjoy the off season, wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy and better new year.
A separate notes: I'd like to invite one or two helping hands to work on the behind-the-scene tasks such as club kits ordering, TriA group entry and newsletter articles or reporting, please email me if you're interested to explore other part of your skill.