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posted Nov 7, 2008, 1:29 AM by TeamSonic Secretary

Sonic outlook 2007
A special conference for Sonic outlook 2007 will be held at 28-Dec-06 8pm. The purpose of the conference is to announce the future activities, target races of Sonic in 2007 and for sharing your views and comments towards Sonic in 2006 and 2007. Sonic sincerely invite all of the registered members to come and join so as to make Sonic becomes more successful in the coming years. The sessions will be held at Kent Wong's new triathlon shop.

Membership renewal
It's time to renew our club membership for Sonic and Hong Kong Triathlon Associations.
All 2006 registered members please just fill in one form and your membership will be renewed automatically at both Sonic Sports and HKTriA. (one cheque payable to "Sonic Sports Association" with the total amount)

New member required to fill in Sonic membership form and HKTriA membership form for record, with only one cheque payable to "Sonic Sports Association" with the total amount. We will handle the rest of the detail for you.

To download the form please go to MEMBERSHIP section on your left hand side.

What are the reasons to join Sonic Sports??
1. The most active triathlon club in Hong Kong
2. First ever triathlon club provide Cannondale bikes to training participants
3. Organize social gathering to build up friendship
4. Overseas training and participate in overseas race across the globe
5. Permit to access members only forum chatroom and subscription of Sonic Sports mailing list.