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posted Nov 7, 2008, 1:28 AM by TeamSonic Secretary

Macau Triathlon is an annual 'must-go' event that listed on the Sonic Sports event calendar since we established in 2003. We joint this event as an warm up race before Hong Kong International Triathlon, some of us even see this event as an high priority race. With the friendly relationship of Macau Triathlon Associations and  Sonic Sports, starting from 2003, we were about a group of 10, 2004 was about a group of 30, 2005 grew up to group of 50. In 2006, we sent a group of 80 to Macau for this race. We are the big team and also the strong team in Macau race.

In the elite race, Andrew Wright continues his excellent performance and won the champion in Under23 category again! He is still gaining ITU points for a ticket of Asian Game and Olympic Game in 2008.
In age-group race, french connection Yann Kneubuhler crossed the finish line in 2:01:24secs, won the champion in his group and ranked also number one overall! Keith Leung no longer a junior and debut in the Olympic distance age-group race finished in 2:28:04secs, good enough to be the 2nd runners' up in 20-24 group even one more lap of riding. Sonic Top Gun Albert Chan just finished the half-ironman but still ranked number 4 in 35-39 group. Taxi Driver Wong Kam Tim won 1st runners up in 50+ group with his racing secret in 2:27:26. King Of the Mountain Ivan Yeung won 2nd runners up in 25-29 group and finished in 2:14:44, just 3 seconds lost to 1st runners up.
In the girls' side, Gigi Wong mission completed and ranked top 3, 2nd runners up in 25-29 group with the time of 2:48:24, endurance queen Madoka Murayama just finished her half-ironman 1 week before and continues her serial-success in Macau and won champion in 30-34 group, finished in 2:36:45! Alice Chee won the 2nd runners up in the same group since she found her counterpart!

In the sprint race, our new member Franziska Koenen from German won 1st runners up in her first race in Asia with the time of 1:20:25, Catherine Rayne from England just 1min behind 2nd runners up and ranked 4 in Sprint Open.

In the relay race, Sonic Champion System team 1 and team 2 continues the success with the formula of Hong Kong Distance swimming record holder Alexandra Chung and his brother Chung Kwok Ting for the swim, former Hong Kong national team cyclist Jeremy Leung and his Marco Polo Pro-cyclist brother Kenji Leung for bike, plus two strong 10k running specialists for run.

We have surprise in every race, the new surprise belong to our Macau-based member Teresa Mak, she trains oversea (Hong Kong), and she decided to race her debut Olympic distance in her home town Macau, finally she won the 1st runners up in Macau local category in 2:57:27.

Finally, the greatest glory should be given to Mr. Philip Penaloza, indeed he is the slowest in the entire race but he still managed the finish his first ever Olympic distance triathlon race without any sense of give up.